Mother's Day Sponsor Spotlight: Guylian

Mother's Day is near. Have you thought about what to get? Flowers and Chocolates seem to be a standby. 
I love chocolate. It makes for a nice sweet treat. Chocolate always seems to make me feel better when I'm sad. Plus it is great for all occasions. While Chocolates seem to be standby, this chocolate is far from ordinary.

Guylian sent me some awesome chocolates to try.  This is a Belgian Chocolate company that began in the late 1950s. The companies name is the combination of founder Guy Foubert and Liliane (his wife's name). Guylian was born. 
Look at all the chocolate Guylian sent me. 

I let my husband have the dark chocolate bar that they sent. I figured I had enough chocolate that I could be nice and share. Plus my husband loves dark chocolate. So I put it in his lunch box for him to take to work. Some comments I got from him about it include, "Wow I didn't realize the bar was that big." "I devoured it." "Delicious" and "You can give me more any day". I'd say that this chocolate bar was a big hit with the hubs. 

I personally love milk chocolate so that bar was right up my alley. A few bites is all you need. It is a nice, sweet, chocolate. The chocolate is also a nice creamy texture. Yummy! Just writing about it makes me want to go have some chocolate with a nice glass of milk to wash it down with. All I can say is delicious.

Now lets move on to their signature truffles. They were in an adorable seahorse shape. Guylian also has seashell shaped truffles. The truffles are made from Rich & Creamy Belgian chocolate. The truffles had a nice marbled look to them that came from the dark, milk, & white Belgian chocolate. It is filled with a hazelnut praline that has finely ground up hazelnuts in it. Yum!
Seahorse shaped truffles
I shared the truffles with my kids, and they loved them. They both had huge smiles on their faces and wanted more. 
Happy to have some chocolate
Don't mess with me and my chocolate
 Overall the chocolate was delicious. I'm sure any mom would love to receive these on Mother's day or any other day of the year.

Win it: One lucky winner on the Mother's Day hop will win chocolates from Guylian. Be sure to like Guylian on facebook and twitter.


G said…
i hope i can win these for my daughter
Fiddlin' Dandi said…
Oh, yummy. Who doesn't like chocolate?!?
caedmen said…
That looks amazing:) I LOVE chocolate.
marybaker112 said…
I won a giveaway a while back and got some of these as part of the giveaway. They may be the best chocolate I had put in my mouth to date!

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