Mother's Day Sponsor Spotlight: Levaqua

While Chocolates and Flowers are nice. Sometimes I want something practical. I take showers daily and wanted to make that experience even better.
Levaqua was kind enough to send me a fixed 220 series showerhead to review.

 I was anxious to have the new showerhead arrive and to test it out. When it arrive my husband went to install it. Unfortunately it was leaking. He tried a couple things but ultimately discovered that it had cracked. Most likely the crack was caused during shipping. So we contacted  Levaqua and asked them what we should do. They quickly sent out a replacement showerhead. This time my husband was able to install it within minutes with no problems.
My husband was the first to try it out and he commented that "He didn't want to leave the shower." This coming from the man that only showers out of need. He doesn't stay in long and doesn't seem to like showering. I knew that this meant the showerhead was awesome.
So what makes this showerhead so great?
To begin with it has a 5.6" Round showerhead. This is much bigger than my old showerhead. I like the size and how it provides amble amounts of coverage for water spray.
I can easily touch a button and choose from the many options it has.
It has 5 different spray settings:
Massage- relaxing and rhythmic water patterns. This is a more intense setting then the others but feels good on sore muscles.
Spray- a full-flow water spray. I like how relaxing this setting is. Feels like rain dripping on you.
Combo- this is a combination of the spray and massage setting.
Eco- the spray is more concentrated and saves 20% in water consumption. This option still feels nice like the spray and I love that it saves on water usage.
Pause- this feature allows the water flow to stop temporarily.  You can stop the water while you shave, or soap up. The water flow becomes a trickle flow while you do these things. This is another great way to save on water usage as you can pause when you don't need water flowing. I'd hoped to use the pause feature while waiting for my water to heat up. Unfortunately it didn't help my slow water heater. I needed to have the water running a little more for the water to heat up. Thankfully I was able to use the eco cycle and that helps me not waste so much water.
2 programs-
Relax and Energize. Both run for 5 minutes and then revert back to the spray setting. Both of these settings use a preset sequence of water spray patterns to create the selected experience.  I find that I like both settings depending on my mood.
Another great feature is that it has a 5 minute or 10 minute timer. When your time is up the water pauses for a few seconds which allows you to know your time is up. It then resumes the current spray pattern. I love knowing that I can limit my time in the shower and be more conscious of my water usage.
The showerhead requires 4 AAA batteries which come included with the showerhead. According to the box these should last 1.5 years for normal family of four usage.
5 year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.

I'm very pleased with this showerhead. My husband likes it, and even my kids ages, 22 months and 4 years enjoy it. I highly recommend this showerhead. I'm also pleased with the customer service that Levaqua provided. They were quick to fix the issue we had and very courtesy to work with.

Please follow Levaqua on facebook and enter to win a fixed showerhead as part of the Mother's Day Blog Hop.


Denee M. said…
This sounds really nice, I like that it has the different settings to save on water :D
mmmorgans said…
Awesome showerhead :) I like the watersave features!
Julie said…
This looks like a really nice shower head! Nice!!!
Fiddlin' Dandi said…
Looks so nice! We could use a new showerhead.
Beth R said…
I love that it has a timer. Definitely a feature my husband could benefit from
G said…
sounds great--just needs a hose :)
Marti Parks said…
Wow. A shower with a timer? Who Knew? :)

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