Mother's Day Sponsor Spotlight: Ozeri

We just moved into a house a few months ago, and our pots and pans are getting pretty old and the handles are breaking. I knew it was time to look for something better.
Ozeri was kind enough to let me review a 12" Green Earth Frying pan and an Artesio Electric Pepper Grinder.
Shiny Pan
The frying pan has a smooth ceramic non-stick coating that is 100% PTFE and PFOA Free. The pan has a green colored bottom.  When the frying pan arrived, I was pulling it out to show to my husband. He got super excited about it, and said "Thanks, for MY new pan." My husband rarely cooks anything, but he was the first to use the pan. What did he cook? He made scrambled eggs. He used just a very tiny amount of butter in the pan. (1st time cooking only) He then cooked the eggs.  After the eggs were done he said, "Look at how fluffy the eggs turned out". "Wow, it didn't stick at all to the pan." I came over to look at the pan. I didn't believe him that nothing stuck. With our old pan I hated cooking eggs because they stuck so bad. With this frying pan, you couldn't tell that he had just cooked eggs in it. It came out so clean that all you had to do was wipe the pan off with a paper towel and it was good to go. Now that we have used the pan a few times, my husband will cook the eggs without any butter or oil or anything added to the pan.
Pouring eggs into pan with no added butter or oils
Eggs in pan

Cooking Scrambled eggs
Eggs done cooking
Finished eggs. See how clean the pan looks.
So after my husband fell in LOVE with the pan, I had the opportunity to test it out myself.
I cooked grilled up strips of chicken. I pulled them out of the freezer and placed them directly in the pan. No oils, butter, or any liquid. The pan seemed to cook evenly. Chicken came out great and again did not stick to the pan. I've used this pan on several occasions without a problem. My husband and I love this pan and wish we had the smaller size one too. Also would like to have the lid that goes with the pan.  If you need a new frying pan, this is the one to get.  You can buy the pan here
Cooking Chicken in the pan with nothing added.
The only possible con is that this pan is big and will take up lots of room on the stove. This can be a good thing though as it can cook up a decent amount of food too.

We also got an Electric Pepper Grinder. My daughter likes to push the button and grind the pepper. You can grind the pepper to different sizes. My husband was amazed at how fine the pepper could be ground up. This pepper grinder also has a little light on it, so that you can see how much you are putting on. In addition, you can see the pepper levels through the see through container. I like how I can just look and know if we need to buy more.  You can buy the pepper grinder here
Electric Pepper grinder
Win it: One lucky reader will get both the frying pan and the pepper grinder as part of the Mother's Day hop. Be sure to like on facebook to prepare for the giveaway.


Fiddlin' Dandi said…
What a nice pan! I'd like to try it.
Beth R said…
I can't believe how clean the pan looks. After I make scrambled eggs it is a mess and that is after I spray it!
G said…
i like that coating!
Julie said…
Wow, this looks like it would work great! I need some new pans!

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