Shake, Rattle, Roll hop Sponsor Spotlight: RockNLearn

Some of you may remember that a few months back my daughter reviewed a RockNLearn Letter sounds DVD.  She loved it and wanted to watch it over and over again. So she was super excited and happy when she got another DVD in the mail from RockNLearn This time she received the Colors, Shapes, and Counting DVD. Both my 4 year old and my 22 month old enjoy watching this video. The video says it is for ages 2-5 and it works great for both of my kids.
Super excited to get movie

On this video it includes: the following sections:
1. Meet Rollie
2. Colors All Around
3. Basic Colors
4. Colors Practice
5. Learn our Shapes
6. Shapes Are All Around Us
7. What Color Is It?
8. Name That Shape
9. Music Helps Us Count to 5
10. Zero
11. Mixing Colors
12. Counting Up to 10
13. How Many Shapes?
14. So Many Shapes
15. So Many Colors
16. The Ellipse
17. Diamonds and Squares
18. Four Cool Shapes
19. Polygons
20. Polygon Song
21. Let's Count to 20
22. Fun Time Quiz.

I like how this video progresses from simple to more advanced concepts. I also like how it builds on concepts that have been previously taught. For example on number 7, what color is it. It has the child look for a small, medium or big shape. They have to find the shape that is named and then determine what color it is. Also basic shapes are taught before ellipses and polygons. Same thing goes with colors. The simple basic colors are taught before more advanced colors like Maroon, Turquoise, and Grey. I also like that it teaches the primary colors and how we can make other colors by mixing those colors.

Like last time RockNLearn has given our readers a discount good for 25% off  entire purchase at RockNLearn. Use code JQ7711 at check out. Also be sure to check out the free printable worksheets and RockNLearn's Educational Apps.
Can you tell she loves it?
Win it: During the Shake, Rattle, Roll hop one winner will receive their choice of DVD or CD.
Please follow RockNLearn on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date and be prepared for giveaway. Leave a comment below stating either your favorite DVD that RockNLearn has or something you've learned about RockNLearn for extra entries into the Shake, Rattle, Roll hop. Then come back during the event to claim your entries.


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