Shake, Rattle, Roll Hop Sponsor Spotlight: NurturMe

Do you have a picky eater on your hand? Or maybe a baby that is just starting to eat? Either way NurturMe is great.

NurturMe is an organic baby food that is good for ages 4 months (or whenever you choose to start solids) to 4 years. If you want you can even continue to use it beyond that. The product is all natural and gluten free.
The fruits and veggies are quick dried and this process allows them to be conveniently packaged. A box of 8 packages weighs less than 1 jar of baby food.  I love that it could easily be thrown in the diaper bag, and then mixed with water, formula, breast-milk or if your child is old enough whole milk or juice. You can mix it to your desired consistency based on your child's age. If you do throw it in the diaper bag, make sure to pack a small dish and spoon for mixing it.
Okay so your thinking? This is just another baby food? Well no. The drying process preserves more of the essential nutrients and phytochemicals than with jarred baby food. Plus you can mix this food into many items. Add it to yogurt, oatmeal, mac & cheese, etc to boost your nutrition.
My family is full of picky eaters. I have always had a hard time eating veggies. Even as an adult, I struggle with eating veggies, but I try to do better. My 4 year old has a real hard time trying new foods. She loves fruits like me, but veggies are a completely different story. I decided to add the package of squash to my families Mac & Cheese. My daughter gobbled it up, and asked for seconds. She had no idea that it had more nutrients in it then normal. She just knew it tasted good. I was skeptical? Would it taste okay? or would I need to fix me something else for dinner? I have a horrible aversion to many vegetable tastes.  Squash is not a food that I normally eat. I knew it was mixed into the Mac & Cheese so I was looking more closely than my daughter was. I was able to eat the Mac & Cheese just fine. For the most part, you couldn't really notice the squash in there. However, I didn't get it mixed in as well as I should have. So there were parts where the taste was more noticeable. Next time around, I'll mix the squash into the cheese part of my sauce first and then add to the macaroni. I might also add a bit of milk to help mix it in. Otherwise it worked great.  I've also added the apple one to oatmeal to give it some added flavor.

Squash and Pea packages
Recipes with NurturMe
Dried Squash ready to mix
Overall I love this product. It is great for on the go, for picky eaters, and for whatever stage of eating your child is in.

Win it: A small feeding gift sachet during the Shake, Rattle, Roll hop. Comment below with your favorite flavor or feature. Follow NurturMe on facebook and twitter for additional entries.


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