Shake, Rattle, Roll hop Sponsor Spotlight: Peter Rabbit Organics

As a busy mom, I love finding convenient and healthy food options for my kids.  Peter Rabbit Organics is a company I love for its healthy squeeze pouches. Peter Rabbit promises that their products will be 100% organic, 100% healthy (with no added sugars, salts, or anything artificial), and 100% delicious.

They have Fruit pouches in the following flavors:
1. Peach & Apple
2. Mango, Banana, & Orange
3. Strawberry & Banana
4. Apple & Grape
5. Pear & Apple
6. Apple & Banana

Plus Veggie Blends in these flavors:
1. Carrot, Squash, & Apple
2. Pea, Spinach, & Apple
3. Sweet Potato, Corn & Apple
4. Pumpkin, Carrot & Apple
5.  Pear & Pea

Here you can see my kids gobbling up the Pea, Spinach & Apple and the Sweet Potato, Corn & Apple blend. You would have no idea that they are eating veggies. Look at how happy they are and how much they love it.

While we didn't sample every flavor we did sample a few veggie and a few fruit pouches. My kids loved each one. They were gone within minutes. Some of these flavors are new which is why we didn't sample them. I can't wait to try the new flavors. I'm sure they will be a hit just like the flavors we already tried.

One thing I love about this product: A super simple ingredient list. Yes, it is simple. The ingredients for the strawberry & banana pouch are: organic strawberries, organic bananas, and & organic lemon juice concentrate. That's it. It is the same with every other pouch they have. The ingredients are basically whatever fruit/ veggie it says on the label with organic lemon juice to preserve freshness and taste.
I love that these pouches provide the servings of fruits and veggies that my kids need. They are convenient to take with you. No need to have a spoon.
Win It: A 12 pack of assorted pouches. Comment below with your favorite flavor or feature. Also like Peter Rabbit on facebook and twitter for more entries. Be sure to enter the Shake, Rattle, Roll hop for your chance to win.


Zach said…
Never tried these but would really like to--we are just starting our daughter on solid foods.
HCeallaigh said…
these look like a really convienant way to feed healthy food when your out!
Amanda_Miehle said…
My son loves these! I've stole a taste before, and I can see why he does. These are yummy!

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