Shake, Rattle, Roll Sponsor Spotlight: kakabaka

I love cute baby and kids clothes. My 4 year old daughter always wants me to put her brother into an outfit that matches her. This is hard to do as I don't have many items that work for both my 4 year old girl and my 2 year old son.  So I was very happy when I found kakabaka on Etsy. This shop has many cute adorable items. Plus I could get matching ones for my son and daughter.

I'm so pleased to review two Custom "City Love" 4th of July T-Shirts. Since I live in AZ. I got an AZ shirt. My daughters is a red starry AZ state with a blue gingham star and AZ written in blue. My son's is a blue AZ state with a red striped star and AZ written in red.
Custom state shirts for my 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son
Are you curious what kakabaka is? Who came up with that name? What does it mean? Well it was a name  created by Karen Tabaka's nephew when he was learning to talk. He has since grown up and attended college. However this name has stuck around.  kakabaka makes a line of whimsical handmade goodies. Her pieces are inspired by friendship, mixed with creativity, color, and heart and soul.

I must say I'm a bit partial to my son's shirt. Maybe it is because my favorite color is blue. Or maybe it is because of the red striped star. I might be partial to my son's shirt, but I truly like both of them. The design is cute and fun. The shirts look awesome. If my kids cooperated I could have a cute picture of them together in matching shirts. (However my son is at the stage where he will not sit still for a picture.) These state shirts are perfect for celebrating 4th of July, Memorial day, and your state's birthday.

I love both shirts and they wash up well. I have washed these shirts several times and they still look great. My son has spilled numerous things on his shirt, and it thankfully has all come out in the wash. Yet the design still looks great. The edges of applique are designed to fray overtime. The stitching on the design is done fantastically. I feel confident that this shirt will last for a long time.  Be sure to check the size chart when purchasing this item to make sure you get a correct fit.
4 year old showing off her AZ shirt.
Kids playing in their shirts- Sorry this is the only photo I could get of my son in it.

kakabaka has many cute items at her shop. She sells a variety of items including bibs, burpclothes, tag blankets, diaper covers, leg candy, etc.
Cute ice cream outfit. Perfect for summer.

Fun tag blanket

Win it: As part of the Shake, Rattle, Roll hop you can win a Custom "City Love" 4th of July T-Shirt - Your City, Your State. Please visit and tell me your favorite item below. Also like on facebook, etsy, pinterest, and twitter for more entries into the contest.


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