Shake, Rattle, Roll Sponsor Spotlight: PlasmaCar

Summer is right around the corner. Many kids end up bored within days or weeks of school getting out. Or they spend too much of their time indoors not being active. I have found an awesome outdoor toy that will keep your kids active this summer. It is a PlasmaCar.
All the pieces before assembly
My kids ages 22 months and 4 years old were super excited when we received this in the mail. I had to take it out of the box right away. They had to start playing with it before it was even put together. They loved it.
I had my husband put it together that evening and it only took him a few minutes to assemble. Basically for assembly you just need to attach the wheels and the steering wheel. After it was assembled, we showed my daughter how to turn the wheel back and forth to make it go. She hopped on and within minutes she had figured out how to work it. She enjoys riding around the backyard with this toy and zooming along the sidewalk out front. She rides this toy all the time. It gets a little hot here in AZ so we do have to make sure we go out either early am or late in the afternoon to ride it. On days when we don't go outside, she is trying to bring it in the house to ride. If you have tile in the house, you'd be okay with that. However it is not recommended on wood and doesn't really go on carpet.
Look at me
Yay! I love new toys
Steering plasma car before it was assembled
Excited about PlasmaCar
Taking PlasmaCar out for a ride
So you saw pictures of my son on this toy before it was assembled. He wants to ride it, but he is not quite at the appropriate age for the PlasmaCar. For safety reasons this toy is for ages 3 and up. Adults can even ride on it. I have in fact gotten on the toy a few times and it is fun.The weight limit is up to 220 lbs if you are on a flat, smooth surface. The toy can reach speeds of up to 6 mph. Pure fun!

Win It: Come back during the Shake, Rattle, Roll hop for your chance to win a Plasmacar.
Like PlasmaCar on facebook and follow on twitter to prepare for giveaway. Also be sure to leave a comment below stating your favorite color Plasmacar or what feature you love the most. This will count as entries into the giveaway. Then come back starting May 22nd to enter.


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