Signing Time on Demand Review

As a parent I want to be able to communicate with my children. Young kids sometimes don't have the words yet to tell you what they need. This is why I love signing with kids. When my now 4 year old child was younger, we watched some episodes of Baby Signing time. I loved them and so did she. When her brother came along, we knew that I'd use some signs with him too.

My favorite signs to use in the beginning are mom, dad, milk, water, more, all done. Later I add things like blanket, diaper, sleep, please, thank you, etc.
So when the opportunity came to try Signing Time on Demand I knew I wanted to try it. 
The On Demand program itself was a simple free download. This program allows me to easily access my videos without having to wait for movies to ship to my door. Once I download my purchased movies I was able to play them quickly without having to search for dvds, remotes, etc. You also do not have to worry about the disc becoming old and unplayable with this program. The movies are high quality and you can view them on any computer. You just have to install the free on demand program on any computer you wish to use them on. If you have a ipad or iphone you can view the dvds directly on them by simply using an additional  Mod Mobile app. Or you can stream the movies to your t.v. if you have an apple tv you can beam the videos to tv via airplay.  I like that you can watch the videos without having to connect to the internet. The program has had a few minor issues for me on start up, but I'm sure that is due to the fact that my computer is old and needs to either be replaced or have parts like memory and ram upgraded. If your computer meets the product specs you shouldn't have any problems. Be sure to go download the free welcome video and on demand program. This will enter you in the Ipad 3 contest
I like that they give you a welcome video for free to try. This video includes clips of several of the signing videos. It happens to include a clip of the Baby Signs one we already have and of the new one we downloaded. Plus many other clips. Since this video shows only clips, it may be a little harder to pick up on all the signs covered.
Here is a Baby Signs Sample clip. My 4 year old daughter and almost 2 year old son both love watching this one. This clip is included on the welcome video.

I chose to download Signing Time Vol. 4 Family, Feelings, and Fun. I chose this video because it has some of the signs that my daughter wanted to learn such as family, brother, sister, son, daughter, aunt, uncle, cousins, house, home, silly,  grumpy. These are just a few of the many signs shown. Since this isn't the baby signs the program is a little more advanced. Still cute and my almost 2 year old still picked up on the signs. I would say that some of these signs might be a little harder to pick up on.  Check out the sample below.

I love learning new signs. I love how much my kids enjoy these videos. I also love knowing that this helps them communicate more effectively. I highly recommend trying to use signs with your kids.
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


G said…
my daughter used signing with her daughter too
Ishibishi said…
I love signing time! We have been doing signing with her since she was 7 months old! Our whole family loves it!
Janet W. said…
We never used signing with my grandsons but I bet it would have saved us from some meltdowns because we didn't know what they wanted!
Anonymous said…
i would love to try this, i have been trying to sign words like "Milk" and "eat" and "bathroom" with my son but i feel like having a video would be much more effective!
J. Olson said…
I can't wait to start teaching my daughter to sign! I like the idea of this program, you can "rent" the videos. I know I don't need anymore DVD's or computer disks laying around!

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