What's for dinner? Cook'n software review

Its the age old question, "What's for dinner?" I ask myself this question every day. The problem is... I am not a very good cook. I know how to cook that is but unless I have a recipe I don't know how to cook it. Well thanks to Cook’n Recipe Organizer software. All I have to do is decide am I cooking a main meal, a appetizers or soup. Then click on that category and it pulls up a bunch of recipes already there.

But what about my recipes that have been handed down over the years. Are you getting tired of losing it, or the paper getting old and hard to read? Just add it to your Cook'n software and it will be saved. Then you can email it to your other family members.This really is a great way to keep everything all together.

Ok so now you know what you want to cook for dinner, you go to the fridge and you realize that you are missing a lot of things for the meal. STOP don't grab a pen and paper, just print out the shopping list right from Cook'n. It tells you ever thing you need and how much of it too. This really is going to make making meals so much easier for you.

Cook'n Recipe Organizer software works for both your Mac or PC and you can ether buy the CD or just download the program. Get yours today  trust me you will be glad you did!


Melanie said…
I definitely need something like this- my favorite recipes are in cookbooks, a binder, or bookmarked on the laptop. It would be great if they were in one place! Just a shame they don't make this software for Linux so I could have it on our laptop and carry it into the kitchen with me!

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