YoBaby by Stonyfield

We all know how important it is to make sure your kids are getting a well balanced diet. And let's face it, it's also hard to find food that are not pumped with "extra" stuff. When I buy food I try to find thing that are more organic or natural. So when I got the change to review Yobaby yogurt I was thrilled. YoBaby is made by Stonyfield and is organic with no added hormones. Aiden had turned into a little bit of a picky eater. So getting to to eat anything at times can be a fight. But man does he love his YoToddler!

We ended up having to get the YoToddler because the stores around me did not have the Yobaby. But seeing how Aiden is now a toddler is was not a big deal to me. I know Aiden loves strawberries so we got him a YoToddler that was a strawberry base. We also got to try some of Stonyfield's Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt. I tired so hard to get my husband not to eat it with me taking a picture or waiting until ever one came over. We where going to have a little party and I was going to cook with the Stonyfield plain yogurt. But lets face it he's a guy and never listens lol. (I love you honey!)

So I got no pictures of him. So I bet right now your asking... You can cook with yogurt? YES Stonyfield has this great recipe page where you can find all kinda of fun and yummy ways to cook with yogurt.

Anyhow as I was saying, here in this picture you can see what when you mix the YoBaby up you do have real fruit at the bottom! While I am not a big fan of yogurt in gender this one I have to say was really good. I have this rule that if your kids good gets all over the place then it was good and he likes it.
As you can tell not only did it get over his face but also all over the table! Ever time we open the fridge the first thing Aiden goes for is the YoToddler yogurt. So if you are looking for a good organic yogurt for your little ones or even for yourself Stonyfield is a great pick for anyone.


My child loves this yogurt! I like that it's delicious and healthy

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