BRAVE review

Well Disney and Pixar you did it again! You made a great, funny, family friendly movie that not only will kids love but adults too. Don't worry all you reading this I will do my best not to tell you a lot. Because you WILL want to go see this one. This movie is now open! Here is the base of the story:

You have a family that lives in Scottland, Elinor (mom), Fergus (dad) Merida (the girl with the cray red hair) and the three brother (I can't remember their names because they don't have any speaking parts). Elinor just wants her daughter Merida to be the perfect princess, while Merida wants to have a life that is her own.

Merida does not want to get married right now, she wants to live her life see things, while her mother (Elinor) just wanted her to follow tradition.  So Merida goes off to change her fate but she gets a little more then she was expecting. Now Merida and Elinor have to work together to save the day. But by doing this they must also start seeing eye to eye. 

By the end of the movie it really got me thinking about my mom and how she wants me to do things because she love me. Yes even at this age, your moms never really leave your life. There is a good amount of adult humor without over doing it.

Brave is also not a very long movie so if you have kids that have a hard time sitting still this is a good movie for them.

I would like to say thank you to Disney Pixar and Morgan for letting me see a preview before this came out. This is one of the best movies I have seen seance Tangled! Thank you and keep up the hard work.


sueparks2003 said…
Sounds like a good movie. I like adult humor it keeps me into a movie that a younger audience also likes. It sounds like a fun movie to watch with my mother and my daughter!
Gladys P
Julie said…
Wow, this sounds great! When my son gets older he might like it!
Seeing the previews, I think it would be a great movie to see. And from your review, it sounds like it has some "adult" life lessons as well!
tsalmherrmann at hotmail dot com
I didn't read the whole post in case of spoilers, but I am glad to hear it was really good. I am going to take my daughter to see it
Melinda C said…
This looks like such a cute movie! I'll definitely have to see this.
Beth R said…
This looks like a great movie. I think adult lessons are good for kids. I am hoping that it is as good for boys as for girls
Becky said…
Pixar is no longer affiliated with Disney, btw, perhaps that is why we see a princess with no rescuing prince! I was wary of this one, since it is so close to Dreamworks modern works, but I've heard great reviews (thanks for yours!) so i'll give it a go.
carolaontour said…
I am really happy to hear that Pixar keeps coming out with great movies! My bug is still a little small for a whole movie - even if shorter than usual. But, that does not mean I can't watch it!
Thanks for the review!
Britni said…
Great to hear this was a good movie! I love doing Mommy & Me Matinees to movies that are PG enough to not worry about having the little one with me. Might have to add this to our list.

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