Father's Day Sponsor Spotlight: GiftTree

Searching for a father's day gift. You should check out Gift Tree. They have a wide variety of gift baskets to suit any occasion or need. I was sent the Treasure Chest Gourmet for my husband.

First let me tell you about the packaging. Along with the gift basket, I received a pair of scissors. Plus a gift card to use towards future purchases $10 off of $50 or more.  I love how it came with scissors for opening the items. This way you don't have to hunt down a pair of scissors if you can't open something. It is right there. The gift card is nice if you will be making another purchase from them too as it gives you a little discount.

Treasure Chest, Scissors, and Gift card.
 Some products in my gift basket were different then the ones currently being sent. This is because they don't want chocolates melting in the HOT summer sun.
Inside the Treasure chest basket are the following products (description taken from Gift Tree):

  • -Auberge Camembert Cheese Spread 3.75 oz: A velvety white cheese with a rich, buttery flavor. Perfect for pretzel dipping or serving on savory crackers.
    - Seasoned Snack Mix 4 oz: Twists, puffs, stars and more are coated in a signature spicy seasoning for a spirited snack.
    -Aaron Bell Almonds 1.5 oz: A healthy snack with a little heat! Seasoned almonds are sprinkled with just the right amount of salt and spice.
    -Gourmet Vanilla Caramels 2 oz: Award-winning caramels from Judy's Candy Company. Creamy caramel sweetness is laced with hints of vanilla for a divine sensation.
    -Hathaway's Citrus Gems 2.5 oz: Tangy sweet squares of jellied candy in lime, cherry, orange, and lemon flavors. Blanketed in rough sugar for extra texture.
    -Hathaway's Toffee Peanuts. 2 oz: A longtime favorite. Plump peanuts are covered in a light butter confection. Crunchy, salty, and sweet.
    -Saraivanov Smoked Salmon 4 oz: Pacific salmon is smoked to perfection for that outstanding taste you know and love. An impressive edible by Saraivanov.
    -Aaron Bell Crackers 4 oz: Gourmet crackers seasoned with real rosemary and roasted garlic. Crisp and savory.
    -Almond Roca .82 oz: Famous almond toffee from Brown & Haley. Chocolate and nuts envelop rich buttercrunch toffee for a sublime mix of tastes and textures.
    -Wine Companion Crackers 4 oz: From Aaron Bell, gourmet seasoned crackers with a light dusting of rosemary and roasted garlic. Crisp and enjoyable alone or with cheese.
    -Cheese Knife: A wood-handled, classic cheese knife to enhance the enjoyment and easy sharing of the gift.

  • I love that the box included a variety of products. While my mix included some truffles, chocolate coins and ghiradelli chocolate that won't be sent in the summer. The list of items that are being sent sounds delicious and still offers a nice variety. We did get the cheese spread, salmon, crackers, almonds, and almond roca that will be included with the summer basket. Please note that if necessary a similar product of equal or higher value can be substituted. This basket gives a perfect mix of sweet, salty, and savory.

    Since my husband doesn't like almonds. The  almonds and almond roca in it were mine. As a child, I used to love getting Almond Roca. My brothers would use their almond roca as a bartering tool because I loved it so much. I must say the Almond Roca in this basket was delicious. It was finished in one sitting. :( I wish there would have been more. My husband shared the gold chocolate coins with the kids who of course loved it. All of the food items came packaged beautifully and they tasted delicious.

    Another great thing about this item is that after all the candy and other food is gone you still have the treasure chest box to keep. You can use it to store whatever you want. My husband and I both love that he can keep the chest for other uses. My husband has plans for using his chest, yet he won't tell me what he plans to use it for. Guess it is for his secret guy stuff. Whatever that may be.

    Win it: Twitter: Make sure you follow on Facebook and twitter and enter to win as part of the Father's Day event.


    Julie said…
    THis looks so yummy! My hubby would love this!

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