Fluffy Butts Sponsor Spotlight: Go Go Naturals DinkleDooz diaper

I've found an awesome cloth diaper shop that is local to where I live in AZ. They are local but still quite a drive away so I haven't been into the actual store. The store is Go Go Natural which is in Chandler AZ I'm in the Phoenix area, so maybe 30 min- hour drive away. While I haven't been into the store, I have met the shop owner Meredith a couple times at the Great Cloth Diaper Change event. In fact, last year I won a DinkleDooz diaper at the event. So now I have 2 DinkleDooz diapers.  The red one I received over a year ago at the Great Cloth Diaper Change in 2011. The orange one is the one I received for the review.  You can read all about DinkleDooz on their website.
DinkleDooz pocket diaper with large and small insert include
On my 22 lb son. Medium rise setting
On my 40 lb 4 year old. Largest setting.
Size comparison. Red at Smallest setting. Orange at Largest setting.
back view of diaper on my son.
The DinkleDooz Diaper is a one size pocket diaper. It is said to fit most babies from 8-35 lbs. As you can see below in the pictures it gets small enough to where it should fit nicely on an 8 lb baby. Plus the biggest setting can easily do 35 lbs. I put it on my 4 year old daughter *who no longer wears diapers* just to see if it would fit. At the time of the picture she weighed not quite 40 lbs. The diaper fit on her just fine. It wasn't too snug or anything. Since she doesn't wear diapers, she of course didn't test out the absorbency factor. I just wanted to show that it can at least fit a bigger child.
The DinkleDooz diaper has a super soft fleece inner, 3 adjustable rise settings, and tons of waist settings. It has a 2nd row of snaps on the waist to prevent the wings from drooping. It also has cross over snaps to help fit the smaller child. It also comes with a small microfiber insert and a large insert. You can use the smaller insert with the newborn baby stage. The larger insert will fit when the child is bigger. My son is almost 2 so I used the larger insert.

What I love:
The customer service at Go Go Natural. Meredith is super friendly and helpful. She will answer any questions you may have.
One sized diaper- fits from birth-potty training. This may depend on your child. However, it looks like it would work great as my 4 year old could still fit into this.
Snaps- I just love how you can adjust everything. It makes it easy to get a perfect fit. Plus the snaps are colored for added fun.
Softness- The diaper is super soft on the inside.
Fit- This diaper is not as bulky as some other diapers I've tried.
Absorbent- other than for overnight this diaper works great. Contains messes and doesn't leak.

When used with the included insert, this diaper will not hold up overnight for my son. Some days he goes all night without wetting. Other nights he is a heavy wetter. On the heavy wetting nights...this just wouldn't work with 1 or even 2 microfiber inserts. This is true of most pocket diapers for my son. I have found that if I use 2 bamboo inserts in my overnight diapers or stuff with a prefold almost any pocket diaper will work.

This is one of my families favorite diapers. My daughter loves to pick out my sons diapers and many times chooses this one due to the orange color. (Orange just happens to be her favorite color.) I like it for the ease of use, softness, and the way it fits my son.

Win it: A dinkledooz one size diaper as part of the Fluffy Butts Hop. Be sure to like Go Go Naturals on facebook and twitter for additional entries.


Bekah Kuczenski said…
I love the bright colors and I love that it comes with 2 different sizes of inserts!
rache81 said…
I like that the diaper seems to be generously sized. My 8-month-old is 22lbs and I am concerned about finding diapers to fit him until he is potty trained. I would love to try this one on him! - Rachel Ellis
nicole said…
That orange color is great. We kind of collect orange diapers at our house - my son's favorite color!
Charis's Mum said…
LOVE the orange color. It's my favorite.
Beth R said…
I love the bright colors. That orange is really amazing. Definitely a diaper to try
Shannon said…
I would love to win one of these. I absolutely love the colors - especially the brown with the colored snaps and the orange
Stacey T said…
I like the crossover snaps and the bright snap colors.
The Daughertys said…
I love how versatile the sizing is! Only one of my one-size diapers really fits both my 22 lb 18 month old and my 8.5 lb three week old. This one looks like it would too! And that orange is awesome!
I love the contrasting snaps on this diaper! so pretty. I have yet to try one of these
Ashley Suzanne said…
I love the elasticity of the diaper!
Melissa said…
I love the fit of this diaper!

huntermb3 at gmail dot com
sueparks2003 said…
I love that it fits 8 to 35 lbs. The colors are nice an bright. Like that the 2 rows of snaps prevents wings.
Gladys P
Melanie said…
The coordinating snaps on these are just great; they look prettier that way!

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