Prenatal yoga DVD review

Man do I feel tired. I have not really done any type of workout in weeks. As some of you might remember I had, well still am kinda having bad morning sickness. So when you feel nasty you don't really feel like working out. The last few weeks I have been trying to at least get out and walk but today I really felt like doing some yoga. Awhile back I got this great Prenatal Vinyasa yoga and short forms DVD, but again with me being sick there was no way I wanted to try it out yet. So today I'm feeling much better and decided to try it out. First thing I saw that I loved about this DVD is that they have short 15, 30, 45 and 75 minute lessons. Great way to help you slowly get back into shape. You should never just pick up a yoga DVD and try to push yourself to finish the whole thing your fist time. So this DVD is great for people who are new, or what not worked out in awhile. 
I used to think that yoga was easy, its just stretching how hard could it really be? Well let me tell you I only did about 5 minutes of the 15 minute lesson. Yoga really can kick your butt! So if you have never done it before, take it slow its ok. Not only does this DVD help you get back into shape but it also helps you prepare for birth.  
Jennifer Wolfe (your yoga teacher in this movie) teaches you techniques on relaxing and breathing. She also goes over some great labor poses that can help your baby move down and help with the pain. 
I have to tell you after doing this just one day it really makes me want to do it every day. I felt good all day and like I had more energy then I had all week. You can buy Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga & short forms DVD on line for $19.95. What I love the most about this yoga DVD though is that its great if you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant or even after you had your baby and you want to lose a few pounds. So make sure you head on over and get your yoga DVD today. Just click here!


Sara said…
I went to a studio that focused on prenatal/postnatal yoga, and LOVED it. It was probably the best thing I've ever done for myself. This DVD would probably be a nice backup for next time on days when I couldn't get to the studio. Thanks!
Charis's Mum said…
I definitely want to get this when I get pregnant again. During my first {and only} pregnancy, I did not exercise and regret not doing so.

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