Shake, Rattle, Roll Sponsor Spotlight: Cuddletunes

Do your kids love stuffed animals, and dolls? If they are anything like mine then they have tons of them. They may even have a favorite that they like to sleep with. Your kids will love a Cuddletunes bear.

Son holding bear
Daughter rocking the bear
What makes this bear special? It has a music player with speakers built right in. Your child can snuggle up with the bear and press play to hear a personalized soundtrack that was created just for him or her. They can skip songs and adjust the volume directly on the bear. The bear sits about 9 1/2 inches tall and is a perfect size to hold or cuddle.
Cuddletunes has lullabies with many kids names to give it an extra special touch. They are adding more names all the time. However if your kids name is really unique they may not have it. My kids' names are more unique- Emarose, and Jerom. So neither was an option. That was okay with me, I expected that. Instead I chose a set of tunes that was more generic and used the word Baby. Also good since my kids are sharing the one bear. (However they both love might want to have 1 bear per child...mine don't want to share too well.)
So how do I give my bear the personalized touch if they don't have my kids names? Simple, I can record anything I want on them. I can make a recording of my voice. I can also record me reading them a story. I love that not only can my kids hear their name, but that they can hear a message or a story from me too.
Have a loved one away from home?Want to include grandma's, uncles, aunts, deployed military people, etc on your bear  Not a problem. If they have internet and a microphone then they can add content to your bear.  Just simply invite them to add to the bear. You can include a message to the person telling them anything specific you'd like them to add. They record it. Then when the recording is ready, you simply plug in the bear and synch the new content off of the cuddletunes website. You can make use of cuddletunes web recorder for free for a full year with purchase of the bear.
The bear has an attached USB cord so it is always available when you'd like to change/ update your bear's soundtrack.  To update, you go to the cuddletunes website. Upload the songs you want to add or make a recording. Turn your bear off. Plug in the USB Cord and hit synchronize. The process is simple and you can update as often as you like. It downloads quickly to the bear. You can buy the bear already personalized or set it up as a gift bear that they can personalize later.

Bear would be great gift for Baby Showers, Kids Birthdays, Christmas, or at a Farewell of a loved one.

1. I know my names aren't popular, but it'd be nice if they had some nicknames available other than "Baby" for the lullabies. Or better yet, an option for us to insert a name into a prerecorded song. I don't know if that is possible, but then I could insert their unique name, but still use the recorded songs for my child.
2. Maybe some different styles/colors of bears.
3. The colored bow on the bear can come off easily. Maybe a better way to secure it? My 4 year old got super excited to have this bear, and accidentally picked it up by the bow. She may have swung it around I'm not sure. Either way the bow was hanging partly off for days before it came undone. It could have been sewn back on, and didn't really affect the bear when off. So not a big deal. Just something to think about. If your child handles the bear properly this shouldn't really be an issue.

What I love:
1. Personalization options- I love being able to add any music file to this bear. I love that anybody can record a message or story to share with my kids on this bear.
2. I love that the usb cord is attached to the bear. No need to hunt down the right cord or worry about not having it with me if needed.
3. And of course my kids love to lay down, snuggle, and listen to this bear. I love that they fall asleep :)
4. I love the friendly customer service. I had some slight problems with my first bear not working properly. They were quick to ship out a new bear to replace the one that was defective. They even included a prepaid return shipping for me to return the defective bear. I'm pleased at how quickly they resolved the matter, and happy to report that my new bear works great. It has no problems whatsoever.

Win it: As part of the Shake, Rattle, Roll hop you can win a Cuddletunes bear of your own. Be sure to like them on Facebook and Twitter.


MrsKucz said…
My baby loves to cuddle with her bear, so I think she would love this bear even more since I can add her favorite songs to it! What a great idea!

Bekah Kuczenski
nica said…
What a cute idea for a toy! My daughter really responds and gets excited when she hears her name. How cute!

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