Summer Cloth Sponsor Spotlight: Precious Bottoms

Precious Bottoms cloth diaper service has provided me with many review opportunities over the past several months. Last up is a Medium Planetwise wet bag. I received the organic leaf, but there are a variety of prints available.

Wet bags are perfect for carrying dirty cloth diapers. They also are great for carrying:
a change of clothes, wet swimsuits, gym bags, shoes, cosmetics, etc. If you have enough wet bags you can avoid using plastic bags to store your wet/dirty items in.

The nice thing is that these wet bags are made in the USA. Plus the wet bag is made with PVC free and Lead free zippers. The bags are sewn with hidden seams and sealed to prevent leaking. They are made with designer fabrics and coordinating waterproof inner material with a locking zipper. This means that unless you unzip it the zipper won't open.

I love this wet bag. It is great for throwing in the diaper bag. It will hold about 8-9 diapers which is great for days when you might be gone most of the day. I've used this wet bag to throw wet swimsuits in, dirty diapers, etc. I've had no leaks whatsoever. I've even left diapers in this wet bag overnight and had no odors left in my diaper bag. This wet bag does a wonderful job keeping smells in and odors away from your stuff.

The only thing I disliked was that it didn't have a hanging tab for me to hang it up to dry. I hang my diapers dry and the only thing this bag had was the tag. I'm not sure if that was made for hanging it up by or not. It does kind of loop so maybe. I've been hanging it up by the tag, but I feel that it is a bit more tricky to hang it up that way. Plus the inner waterproof liner kind of hangs down when hanging to dry this way.  Just push the liner back into your wet bag when you are done drying it and you are all set to go. You can dry this in the dryer if you want. I just line dry my diapers so naturally makes sense to line dry this too.

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    Beth Ann said…
    I love that these are made in the USA! :)

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