Baby Babu cloth diaper review

OK so I am still not great at cloth diapering but so far I am loving Baby Babu. Aiden has been really sick and so his poop has been really runny (I know TMI right lol). But I tell you this because Baby Babu has been the first cloth diaper that has held it all in! Here is a must remember for anyone who is new to cloth diapering or just got a new cloth diaper, you will need to wash the diaper a few times. This way when you put the diaper on your little on it will soak up more pee.

Here are two picture on Aiden in Baby Babu. I could not get one of his back side because once he saw the camera he wanted to play with it. BOYS!!!! Any how so the diaper fits nice and sung without being too tight. Aiden is about 23lbs and he still has room to grow in this diaper. This is really great for any age because the buttons on them you can adjust the size.
There are also elastic sides around the legs to help prevent leaking. They also come in some fun colors, I love the pumpkin orange that I got because its gender neural and fun with Halloween coming up in a few months. So you if you are looking for a cloth diaper you should really head over to Baby Babu and see what they have!


thom.r said…
That looks pretty cool, I'm sure that your baby is pretty comfortable.
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Love the Honest diapers for my newborn. This particular box was returned since my baby grew out of this stage. Amazon has a great return policy. I had to call customer service for a question and the rep was really helpful. I'm happy with the experience.
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