Back to School: RockNLearn

One of my daughters favorite companies is RockNLearn. She loves receiving a video from them in the mail. Emarose loves the videos. I love that they are educational.
My daughter received the new Sight Words 2 DVD.

This video has Brad, Susan, Festus, Chip and all your favorite characters from the other RockNLearn Videos.  Check out the video clip below to see a sample of the movie.

I love that these videos help my daughter to learn. While they are not "entertaining" really for an adult, they do keep my daughter entertained and engaged. I find these videos to be better than other children's programs. These don't drive me crazy like certain shows can. The combination of music, cute characters, humor, and visual stimulation helps keep the children engaged. I find that even my 2 year old son will sit and watch this video.
This video covers the following sight words:
  • use • your • words
  • like • this • new • but • old • too
  • what • bear • black • brown • white
  • do • did • eat • ate • ran • say • four
  • dog • they • are • all • under • trees
  • who • will • be • good • at • am
  • he • came • by • get • her • went • ride • boat
  • yes • or • no • please • thank
  • that • pretty • was • on • she • saw • with
  • our • must • have • had • now
  • want • into • room • out
  • when • were • there • so • soon • well

It also includes a bonus section with word shapes. This section is perfect for helping your child to learn spelling. Each section is broken down into chapters so that you can easily find whatever words you'd like to work on. 

I love how this video is fun for my daughter and helps her become familiar with a variety of words. I love that the words are used in sentences which help my children to fully grasp the meaning of the words. This video can be used with Sight Words 1 or by itself and is perfect for Kindergarteners-1st graders. My 2 year old enjoys the video...but of course won't be reading any time soon. I like that it increases my 2 year olds vocabulary
While my kids don't get to watch videos all the time. I'm happy putting these ones in as I know that they are a good quality for my kids.

Rock N Learn has offered our readers a 25% off code good on your entire purchase at Use code JQ7711 at check out. Also check them out on facebook and twitter
Be sure to enter the Back to School Giveaway for your chance to win a DVD or CD from RockNLearn.


Janet W. said…
I love how they make their DVDs fun and educational! I would love for my grandson to see Sight Words 2.
Ali Goff said…
This is a great product to help kids learn. I might have to get one of these for my best friend's new girls.
Zephyr Hill said…
I have a boy who is Pre-K level and I think this would be a fun and easy way to introduce frequently-used words to him. Thanks for a great review! Anne Sweden at Zephyr Hill
Love this! I would get one of their dvd's on sight words! That is great!
Sarah said…
I like that it's broken down into chapters, because a lot of kids DVDs aren't!

mugsymcg46 at yahoo dot com
Melanie Ski said…
Sight words are a struggle in our home so I would def pick one of those.
Sue Hull said…
I love videos that are teaching the child and also fun for them to watch.My 4 yr old neice would like this.Thanks for the review! :)

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