Happy 2nd Birthday

So on July 14th my son turned 2. I can't believe how fast the time flies by. July 14th we spent attending my nephew's 1st birthday party at Organ Stop Pizza. It's a pizza place that has a guy playing an organ up front. The organ is also hooked up to other instruments all over the restaurant and they have special effects like puppets, bubbles, and flags that they use for certain songs. My kids loved watching the show and listening to the music. So we scheduled Jerom's party for this past weekend on the 22nd. The party was for mostly family with a few friends invited.  I have the worst luck, and it seems like hardly anybody shows up to parties I plan. This was no exception. Guests included: My parents and my grandma, husbands parents, and sister-in-law with her 3 kids. We ate dinner, kids played, then we opened presents. We didn't end up doing the cake because husbands parents, and sister-in law with her kids had to leave early. We ended up taking the cake to my parent's house on Sunday to eat with my parents, my grandma, and my brother and his family.
We made a train cake and I think my husband did a pretty good job decorating it.

So in honor of my son's birthday, I'm pleased to announce that we will have a giveaway with some awesome prizes. Be on the lookout for posts from the various sponsors.


Zephyr Hill said…
What an amazing cake! Lucky little boy! Anne Sweden

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