I've lost my mind

Hey all I first need to start by saying I am soooo sorry. I have lost my mind and with that my train of thought. The last few weeks, while they have not been a hard week they have just been a very forgetful week. I have some great reviews that I need to catch up on, and I want to say sorry not only to all of you readers but also to the companies.

I am going to work really hard this weekend on getting of the late review ups. Yesterday I had to take Aiden to the hospital he had a fever of 102!!! We found out he has hand-food-mouth virus. So hes been under the weather but he has also been sleeping a lot of that helps.

Anyhow once again I want to really say I am sorry that I have been so forgetful this last while and now I am back in full swing!!!!


TracePoo said…
I don't think you should apologize! You are definitely a mommy first, and bloggers/companies should understand! Hope things get better for Aiden.

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