Jerom Birthday Bash: For Your Bug A Boo

As a parent, I love finding new places that provide healthy items for my child. I love that For Your Bug A Boo is a shop that has a great selection of healthy products for you and your baby.

This shop was created by a stay at home mom and many of the products that are sold were used on her own son. The goal is to provide products that are a high quality without extra ingredients that may be harmful to babies.  Products include non-toxic teethers, organic layette, 100% natural baby wash and diaper creams, pacifiers, rattles, sunscreens, toys, etc.

I loved the variety of toys that she offered on the site. I ended up with a list of several items that I thought my son would love. Items included: mini fire engine, mini police car, rainbow numbers, number tray puzzle, abc touchy blocks, and counting friends. The choices were such that I had a hard time making a decision. So I showed my choices to my husband. We ended up deciding to go with the rainbow sound blocks.

The Rainbow sound blocks are designed for ages 24 months and up. Perfect for my son as he just turned 2. The blocks are made of wood and transparent colored plastic. They are then filled with rattling beads. The beads produce different sounds when shaken.
Rainbow Block set minus 1 circle block that is somewhere in my house
The toy can be used in a variety of ways. You can look through the blocks to see the world in a variety of colors including green, yellow, orange, red, blue, and purple. You can sort the blocks into the various shapes- 2 rectangles, 2 squares, and 2 circles are included. Along with a bigger rectangle wooden holder. The blocks can be shaken to make a variety of noises. You can also stack the blocks. 

What my kids love:
1. Shaking them
2. Banging them together or onto tables and other objects.
3. Stacking them and knocking them over.
4. Looking through them at the various colors.
5. Placing them in the holder and watching them fall out.

I love that the blocks are made out of wood and that they are durable. I also like that it comes with a wooden holder to hold the blocks when not being used. 

Be sure to check out their facebook and twitter pages to keep updated with this wonderful company.


Diddlepoyner said…
I love that the baby wash and diaper creams are 100% natural
Janet W. said…
I might buy the Nurturing Diaper Balm.
LauraJJ said…
Oh I also love the Meal Time Training Cup! Carter would love this cup!!!
landfjacobson @
Laura Jacobson

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