Jerom Birthday Bash: gia paper studio

My 2 year old is a messy eater. I wanted something that I could use underneath his spot at the table that would look nice and that could be cleaned up easily. I was happy when I found gia paper studio on Etsy.
This shop has stationary, place-mats, invitations, and family trees.

gia paper studio sent me a personalized train place-mat to use at my son's birthday party. I loved that the place-mat matched my son's party theme. The personalization also makes it extra special for my son.

The place-mat has his name across the top in different colored letters. Then the bottom has a train that is filled with a horse, ball, bear, and blocks. My kids love playing games with this place-mat. My son will say ball, blocks, horsey, etc and then point to the object. My daughter loves asking her brother to find something and then watching him point to it.

Another thing that I love is that this place-mat cleans up easily. One day my son found an orange marker and before I knew it he was coloring right onto this place-mat. I quickly took the place-mat from him and using a wet washcloth wiped it clean. It came right off.

If you want to customize the place-mat you also have that option. They have many colors to choose from and also many different fonts available.

My daughter has been asking me, "When can I get one of these with my name on it?" She wants to have a train one just like her brother except with her name. I may have to buy another one of these for her to have.

Be sure to visit gia paper studio on Etsy and like them on facebook.


Janet W. said…
I like the Personalized Placemat with the owl!
LauraJJ said…
Oh I love the firetruck placemant! Carters grandpa was a fireman and he just loves the firetrucks! Just not the sound of them yet! LOL
landfjacobson @
Laura Jacobson

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