Jerom Birthday Bash: Great Stitch

I love making birthdays extra special with a special shirt or outfit.  Great Stitch is a shop I came across on Etsy. They have a variety of adorable birthday shirts for both boys and girl. She also has some holiday shirts or family shirts. If you have something in mind, she can work with you to customize a shirt that will meet your needs. 

I received the Train Birthday Shirt.  I was able to personalize it with my Son's name and the age he was turning.  This shirt is made out of a non-smoking home studio. The shirt is not a crack and peel type of shirt. It is made using a boutique quality shirt and high end embroidery. Wash the shirt on medium heat and dry. Can be ironed on medium heat if necessary but avoid ironing with high heat. 

 I chose a train shirt because my sons loves trains and his party had a train theme. I think this shirt was a nice fit. I love that the number looks like a track that the train is driving on. I chose the shirt in a size 3. As you can see it is a little bit big on my 2 year old. If I had measured him, I most likely could have gotten away with a size 2. I don't mind that it is a big baggy though. He can use it now, and it will fit him all year long. If you want a perfect fit, be sure to measure your child and then check out the size chart to find the appropriate size.

Everyone that saw this shirt was commenting on how cute it was. I even took him to the Dr. for his 2 year check up in this shirt. The Dr. said he had never seen a shirt like this before and wanted to know where I got it.

Not only is this shirt cute, but it is also soft. I chose white, but you could get the shirt in other colors too. Since I chose white, it shows spills easily. My toddler had Chocolate cake, and other messy foods all over this shirt. Just a little stain remover and a quick wash and it was good as new. I like that it didn't stain and that it is made from embroidery so it won't crack or peel.
Overall I'm very pleased with this shirt.

Visit Great Stitch on Etsy to check out her selection of shirts.


Janet W. said…
I really like the Greatstitch Birthday Digger Construction Shirt 1st Birthday 2nd Birthday 3rd Birthday.
LauraJJ said…
Oh these are so adorable! I love the Greatstitch Airplane 2 shirt! Carter would love that as he is so in love with airplanes. They look like such a great quality shirt! So cute!!
landfjacobson @
Laura Jacobson

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