Jerom Birthday Bash: Julie's Treasures

Have you ever wondered what should I get my son for his birthday? My son was turning 2. He had plenty of toys at home. Plus I knew that grandparents and friends would likely buy him some toys. As a parent, I'm always struggling with finding ways to organize and store all the STUFF my kids accumulate. I wanted to get my son something that would look nice, but not be just more stuff in the house. I came across Julie's Treasures on Etsy.

I loved the fabric storage bins that she had.  Especially the blue trains, planes and toys bin. I loved that this is a functional item that I can use to help organize the STUFF my toddler accumulates. Not only can I use this to organize, but it incorporates my son's love of trains and things that go.
Empty bin
Filled with toy cars
This bin is perfect for my son's room. You can use it for toys, books, DVDs, organizing diapers, etc. The uses are endless. I think you could easily fill it up with some cute baby items and give it away as a baby shower gift. The bin comes folded flat, but if need be can be ironed to take out any wrinkles. I didn't need to iron mine as it unfolded nicely.

The bin measures 9 1/2" L x 6" W x 7" H. The size on this storage bin is nice and can hold quite a bit. While I enjoyed the size of this I would love a bigger one too.

Right now the shop is having a Christmas in July sale. So if you see something you like use CHRISTMAS10 to get 10% off. Sale ends July 31st.

Be sure to visit  Julie's Treasures on Etsy to check out the many items she has available. 


Janet W. said…
I love the Bin fabric called Trains Planes and Cars.
LauraJJ said…
Oh what a neat storage bin! I love the Fabric Storage Organizer Bin Blue Stars for CArter! That would look so cute in his room with all his stars and moon stuff!!!
landfjacobson @
Laura Jacobson
jenzen69 said…
She has got some gorgeous quilts on her Etsy site, what talent and I do love the fabric bin you chose
These bins are very cute and great for a child's room! She has lots of other cute products in her etsy store too. Thanks for sharing!
ArigigiArt said…
lovely bin and useful too

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