Maternity Monday 19 weeks

Ok all I am going to keep this kinda short but here is the deal. I am going in on Wen to find out what we are having and I would love to hear from you all as to what you think it is going to be!!! So here is a picture of what I look like now at 19 weeks.
Now here are some wives tells things that might help you guess:

I have been very sick and nauseated
Lots and lots and LOTS of moos swings
Heartbeat is 148
I sleep on my right side
I could not eat salty foods at first
I craved fruits
Been craving cheese and milk the last few weeks
Getting kicked all the time (Aiden never kicked)
Oh and when I first got pregnant I had really really bad acne but its starting to get a little better again

So what do you think leave me a comment please!


mywildcrazylife said…
I know it is miserable yet fun while going through it. I think you look amazing though. I am one of those unlucky ones that look pregnant from day one. No lie with my firs I had the "flu" for five weeks, but my pants wouldn't button. THEN the doctor told me it wasn't the flu :D
Unknown said…
I say girl...but that is just a guess.

Cindi Venable
Congrats! Your belly looks beautiful! I think it's a girl :)

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