As a mom, I wish I was more organized. I hate how everything seems to get put wherever is convenient at the moment. This leads to piles of papers, kids toys, and other stuff lying around. Not only does it make everything look messy, but it also makes it hard to find the items I need. Thankfully Ami from thirty one helped me get a little more organized.

Ami has been working with 31 for 2 years and is currently a director. She does home parties where hostess can earn free products. She also does online catalog parties, fundraiser's, and vendor events. Another perk is that you don't have to be in the same state as Ami to be a hostess. Grab your girlfriends and host a 31 party for your chance to get some awesome products at a fraction of their cost.

I was sent an All in One Organizer in Black Parisian Pop.  This bag measures approx: 8”H x 12”W x 6.5”D.
All in One Orginazer filled with school supplies- notebooks, folders, etc

The bag has a square shape that will stay open. I found that it was perfect to place in all the extra school supplies that I bought for my daughter. Now when I need a notebook, folder, markers, etc. I can just go to this bag and pull them out.

Other great uses for this bag would be to gather items together before leaving the house, storing books/toys for kids to use in a restaurant or on the go, Diapers/wipes- at home or on the go, folder/business organizer, dvd storage, crafts, toys, dolls, games, etc. This bag would fit perfectly in the car to organize items. It could also be placed on a shelf at home to organize any room.

I love the versatility of the bag. If you have a storage need, this bag might work. It comes in a variety of designs and you can personalize it with embroidery.

I love having this bag. I like how organized it makes my stuff. I just need a few (actually  A Lot more) of these so I can organize the mess that my family creates for me.

Be sure to visit Ami Hatcher's 31 website  ,and join her group Ami's Totes, Bags, & More on facebook.    Enter the Blogorama back to school event for your chance to win a all in one organizer tote in your choice of available patterns. $20.00


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