Back to School: Childup

I feel that learning is important for every child no matter what their age. I love finding items that help me to encourage learning in a fun way. I found Childup which offers early learning game cards, early learning apps and more.

I received a set of early learning math game cards which includes game #1 (1-10) and game #2 (1-20) to use with my kids.

Jerom using Childup cards

Emarose finding numbers with Childup cards
Emarose ordering numbers from 0-10 using Childup
Jerom (age 2) used the cards in a simpler manner. We simply talked about the animals on them and counted how many there were. We then looked at the symbol for the number. I found that with him 5-10 min. was all he could handle before he wanted something else.
Emarose (age 4 1/2) was able to do more with these cards. I showed her several cards at once and then had her find a number. I also had her put the cards in number order starting with zero. She of course was able to use the cards for a longer time before needing to move on to something else.
These cards are perfect for kids ages 1-5. So both my daughter (4 1/2) and son (2) could use them. Included in each set are 16 parent cards and 48 child's cards. On the parent cards it includes the Childup early learning method with practical early learning and parenting advice. The 48 child's cards on the 1st set includes 4 different series of animals with numbers 0-10.  The 2nd set includes numbers from 10-20, odd/even and 4 new series of animals.

The cards show both the quantity of the number and the symbol for the number. I like this because it allows my kids to really gain a grasp of what each number means. The cards encourage you to talk with your child about a variety of animals, count objects, categorize, sort, compare, identify numbers, increase attention and concentration and much more.

Childup also has 2 free learning apps. EarlyMath and EarlyZoo which teach numbers and animals. Both have quite a lot included for free with some ads. You can remove the ads and get even more if you choose to buy.  These apps are must haves if you own an iphone or iPad and have kids.

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Janet W. said…
I love the number cards. What a great reinforcement for my grandson who already knows his numbers.
Zephyr Hill said…
These look great! I like how they provide cards for both parents and children to use. Anne Sweden at Zephyr Hill
ann said…
These would be great for my grandson who is just learning his numbers. He doesnt recognize all of them but he can could to 13 by himself. So these would help him all the way around with his numbers.
LauraJJ said…
Oh these would be wonderful for Carter! Carter loves to count anything and everything right now! So he would love these!
landfjacobson @
Sarah said…
This may be silly, but I love that it has a zero card, because our other number flashcards don't!

mugsymcg 46 at yahoo dot com
Melanie Ski said…
This looks like a great set for my preschooler while I homeschool the older kids
Sue Hull said…
This would be great for my 4 yr old neice.She loves learning.I buy preschool books for her to do.I watch her 2-3 days a wk so I teach her stuff while she's here.
Beth R said…
I love the numbers cards!!! You could do so many games with them and use them in a variety of ways. If you had two sets you could even play a memory type game. What a great educational product

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