Back to School: HairThingz

My daughter loves to look pretty. I wanted something that I could use in her hair that wouldn't hurt her and would be easy to get out. I found Hair Thingz.
I was sent the Sunburst pack to try. It includes 3 of each color. The colors in the sunburst pack include orange, red, yellow, and white.
Back view of my daughter wearing Hair Thingz in a Candy Cane Style

Front view
What are Hair Thingz you might ask? My daughter calls them "Pretties" and as you might guess they are for putting your hair up. They are little spirals that are easy to use and don't damage your hair. You can layer them, link them, stretch them, twist them and they always return to their spiral shape. They come out easily.

To put in your hair you basically just twist a rope of hair and then loop the hair thingz over the hair. Twisting it around each strand. The directions are easy to follow. The candy cane style like I did on my daughter involves using 2 different colors and layering them like a candy cane.  The package came with instructions for a basic twist, candy cane, and a V twist. However don't stop there. You can find other ideas on their website or use your imagination.

I'd love to try the french twist shown in the following movie on my daughter. However I'm still learning how to do hair, and well she just doesn't hold still. She wants her hair done, but is constantly moving and looking away while I try to do her hair. As I get better about styling hair I will try more styles. I also saw a heart shape style on their facebook page that I love.

The first couple of times that I tried to use them I didn't get a good hair style. They were loose and falling out. It didn't help that my daughter kept pulling on them because she wanted to feel the different colors and she kept trying to look at them. However within a few uses I was able to get a secure hold. I love that these will hold nicely, not pull the hair, and come out easy. 

Be sure to follow HairThingz on facebook, twitter, and Pinterest. Don't forget to enter the Back to School giveaway for your chance to win a set.


Janet W. said…
I like the Sunburst combination!
polly said…
i like their pretty princess color combo
Ali Goff said…
I like the pretty princess set. These are so cute.
Charis's Mum said…
My favorite is cupcake.
Zephyr Hill said…
The sunburst colors are my favorite! My daughter would love to try these, and it's nice they don't get stretched out like regular hairbands. Anne Sweden at Zephyr Hill
Sarah said…
Would love to try the Pretty Princess set!

mugsymcg46 at yahoo dot com
Melanie Ski said…
my daughter would love the pretty princess set
Sue Hull said…
My 2 neices would like the Sunburst colors.What a fun thing for little girls.

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