Big Fish Games, Plants Vs. Zombies +Giveaway

Look out the zombies are coming! Quick save your house, plant some sun flowers and peashooters and get the zombies! Plants vs. Zombies!

I just love this game from Big Fish Games, its simple yet hard. It starts you off real easy so you can learn how to play. You also start off with just one row that the zombies comes down. You need to plant sunflowers, they are money souse. They will give you sun which you can use to buy peashooters and other plants to stop the zombies from coming.

As you keep playing each level gets a little harder. The zombies start to have abilities that make it harder to kill them, they can just over things, swim or even throw things at you.

Don't worry they keep this game very G rated for the younger kids, there is no blood and guts. But its still fun enough for adults to want to play. You can buy Plants vs. Zombies for just $2.99!

All though I do have to warn you once you start to play you will not want to stop.

Big Fish makes great games for your computer, Ipad, smartphone and more. They have so many great games to pick from. The best thing is you can even download and play games for an hour for free. That way you can really try it out and see if you like it before you buy it. They have a ton of fun arcade and action games. So make sure you head over and see all of the great games they have.

Best part with this review its also a giveaway, and an easy one too. All you have to do is go to Big Fish find a game that you would love to play, and leave a comment below with the link to the game! Easy right?!?! Two winner will be picked!

How to enter
Go to Big Fish Games, find a game you want to play, leave a comment with the link to that page below!


Sophie said…
The twins would love this
Debbie said…
My 10 year old would love this spongebob game!!
Francine said…
i like this one
I like the Mystery Heritage: Sign of the Spirit Collector`s Edition - - Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran..... emscout9 at Hotmail dot com
Amy Red said…
I can't find link but my girls, son, husband and I love the find and seek games. One is called stray daughter wants plants vs zombies. Amy
Ashleigh Walls said…
TonyaHopkins said…
My son and I agree that this one looks like fun.
cozycreations07 at aol dot com
Swordlily said…
I like this one:

I've always liked cooking games :)
Danielle said…
I think Elements looks cool!

Table4Five said…
My daughter and I love downloading Hidden Object games from Big Fish! We'd love to get this one:

hargygirl said…
I would love to try the Redemption Cemetery Game. :)
LB said… Love Diner Dash, can't believe there are 5 now!
MotherCreative said…
I'd get this one for my son. He loves Diego!
Anonymous said…
Loved the Slingo games.

thank you for the giveaway...
Kate_Wrightley said… Love the time management games
laura smith said…
Extraordinary game I likewise have for iPod touch.Since its a strategic game it is frequently past small kids however they may enjoy watching,my 7 year old sibling can't play exceptionally well yet is getting on to the technique adores watching it,my 9 year sibling can play well and preferences to watch it.An awesome game for the whole family,don't stress over the violence,it is practically nonexistent with just the heads rolling off when the zombie dies.For the most part anyway it is simply a considerable measure of goofy kid fun.
hidden object game

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