Blog events coming up

As most of you know we here at Mummy Knows Reviews love to not only tell you about great companies and products but we also join in on a lot of blog events. Well here are just two blog event that Mummy Knows Reviews will be hosting: Aiden's Birthday Bash and Stork Arriving. If you loved Jermon's Birthday Bash but did not win, come back November 24 and try to win some more great products for toddlers. Then in December as most of you know we are expecting another little boy so we are going to be having a Stork Arriving event. This is a great way for all you soon to be new moms to find out about must have/need items for when baby comes. 

If you are a company that makes/sells anything that goes along with ether event please email me. I would love to work with you. We will also promote your company through facebook, twitter, newsletters, and/or another way that you desire. 


Zephyr Hill said…
I can't wait to see the products and reviews you have in store for your Stork Arrival event. I'm due first week of January, so not too long after you! Anne Sweden at Zephyr Hill
Beth R said…
I can't wait to see what products will be reviewed! I love learning about new companies and products that work well with my family. Congrats on your new addition coming in December!!! Definitely excited to see what is to come!
Zephyr Hill said…
I am hoping there will be a baby carrier reviewed as ours is pretty old and it's time for an upgrade when the newborn comes in January. Anne Sweden at Zephyr Hill
oh so looking forward to the stork event!!

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