Brain Quest

I love to find companies that allows my children to learn while having fun. Brain Quest is a company that sells educational products that challenge kids on the stuff they need to know when they need to know it.

I was sent a kindergarten pack to use with my daughter. This pack includes 2 decks of cards with 300 questions and answers.
Included on the cars is a guide for the parents. This helps you to know how to use the cards with your child. Remember to stop when your child loses interest. If your child wants to do the same cards over again, Let them. Repetition is a good learning tool.
I love that these cards are portable. I have thrown them in a diaper bag, purse, backpack, car, etc. They are great to use when at a restaurant, on a long car ride, at church, doctors office, or any other time when you might have a few minutes to kill.  Emarose enjoys answering the questions and it helps to keep her busy. She is happy because she has something to do. I am happy because she is learning. My son Jerom even likes to look at the pictures and point out different things.

The cards cover a wide variety of skills that are age appropriate and curriculum based. In the kindergarten pack it includes skills such as rhymes, number sequence, opposites, first letter, identifying numbers, first/middle/last, seasons, days of week, etc. I love knowing that she is exposed to a variety of skills and concepts and she enjoys the colorful pictures and questions.

In addition to the cards, Brain Quest also sells workbooks,  reading, math, and write and erase sets. Plus they have an app for iphone, ipad, and nook that is perfect for grades 1-5.

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candy said…
I love their cards they are great and my kids really like them and want to try their workbooks if they are like their cards I know they will be a big hit wilcarvic
pinktaz60 said…
Betsy Rubendall Barnes

I learned that BRAIN QUEST is a curriculum-based question-and-answer game whose content reflects national and state standards :)

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