Get ready for Kindergarten with Rock N Learn

As many of you know I love finding educational videos for my kids. I like to know that when they are watching shows that they are still learning. I love Rock N Learn. They have a wide variety of educational videos and apps that are good for ages 2- 10+.
My daughter was sent the getting ready for kindergarten DVD. This was great timing too as my daughter is going to Kindergarten this year. She was super excited about watching the DVD about school. She watched it almost every day the week before she started school.
I like that the video shows her some of the things that she will be expected to do at school such as: walk in a line, follow directions, counting, sorting, sequencing, asking permission, letter recognition, number recognition, holding a pencil, printing letters and numbers, shapes, patterns, colors, size comparisons, sharing, listening comprehension, buttoning, zipping, tying shoes with "bunny ear method", neatness, drawing a person, and left/right directions.

These skills are presented using fun animated characters named Jill and Joey.  The video is broken down into the following sections:
  • Getting Dressed
  • Tying My Shoes
  • Making My Bed
  • Cleaning My Room
  • Breakfast Time
  • Using the Rest Room
  • Drawing Myself
  • Story Time
  • The Letter Song
  • Writing My Name
  • Cutting and Pasting
  • Playing With Blocks
  • Writing Numbers
  • Learning Left and Right
I really like the order of the video. It progresses from simple to more complex.
The video while aimed at 3-5 year olds has kept the attention of my 2 year old.
Since my daughter just started school last week this is definitely one of her favorite videos. I love how excited she gets because this video is about Kindergarten and she is now in Kindergarten.
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Beth R said…
This sounds like a great video. We have seen the sounds and sight words ones but never this one. I know my son really loves the sounds, so I will have to check this out. Thank you for reviewing it
Britni Bradford said…
Sounds like a great video. What a great way to help ease into Kindergarten. Hope the first day of school was a success.
Zephyr Hill said…
That's great the video will entertain even those younger than two. I have mixed ages of children so I like things that appeal to a wider audience. Thanks for a great review! Anne Sweden at Zephyr Hill
this would be a great dvd for my little niece!
Clindstrom said…
I love that it prepares kids for something other than just abc and 123's
Chelsea O.
I always thought I would want the First Sight words, but it sounds like this has everything!
candy said…
this really sounds like a great video and I love how it is broken down into sections that identify all the things that they will be doing in Kindergarten wilcarvic
pinktaz60 said…
Betsy Rubendall Barnes

I like: :)
Karen Propes said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karen Propes said…
Love that they address the everyday tasks and problems that happens to our kids. This is a great tool to help them. Sometimes a Parent's voice is not heard where this would fill the blanks. I love the Get ready for Kindergarten with Rock N Learn. Description is perfect for where we are right now.

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