Ginny Marie Creations

My daughter needed a way to store her pencils and stuff at school. I wanted to find something that would be personalized and cute for her. Something with her name so that she would know which item was hers. I was happy to find Ginny Marie Creations. She sells coffee mugs, water bottles, tumblers, pencil pouches, clip boards, etc.

Ginny Marie Creations sent me a pencil bag to review. I choose to get an orange bag. I was also able to choose which style font I wanted and what color of font I wanted. I choose orange again because that is my daughters favorite color.
Orange bag with Emarose and Butterflies
When my daughter received this bag she had to get out her school stuff right away. She couldn't wait to put stuff in it. She had been using a pencil box, but she emptied that to use this pencil bag. She is way excited about it. She even said her teacher will be surprised that she has a pencil bag.
Bag with stuff in it.
The bag looks cute and the butterflies add a nice touch around her name. You can choose bag colors, and design. I love how many choices you have on this. Not only is the bag cute, but it easily holds her stuff. The bag seems to be of a quality material too. The zipper on the bag is easy to use. Plus it has binder holes so you could place it in a binder.

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I hope Emarose loves her pencil bag!! :)
pinktaz60 said…
Betsy Rubendall Barnes

I like the design: Hot Pink with black stars, Font C1 :)
Karen Propes said…
Love that they are clear

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