Gutzy Gear

Do you have a child going to school? I've found a product that allows your child to decorate their backpack straps. Gutzy Gear is a new way to accessorize with cool looking removable patches.
Straps and some of the Gutzy Patches
Straps on her backpack
Originally I was going to host a Gutzy Gear party with my daughter and a bunch of her friends in August. However, we had many things happen at home that prevented me from hosting the party as scheduled. I plan to host the party with my daughter and her friends at a later date. Hopefully sometime in September. So stay tuned to hear all about it.

In the meantime, let me tell you about the product. Gutzies are removable patches that you can attach to special backpack straps. You can choose from a wide variety of patches from food, faces, animals, etc. They even have some character patches such as spongebob, spiderman, and sonic.

The patches don't require sewing or ironing. They just stick on the straps like velcro. You can remove them and reposition them as often as you want.  You could also trade patches with your friends.

Be sure to check out Gutzy Gear on facebook. Then enter the Blogorama Back to School giveaway for your chance to win.


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