Halloween, bones to eat

I don't know about you but August went by so fast! Last year I don't think I posted a lot of things about Halloween so this year I am really going to go out of my way and show you all some cool things. You can never start getting your Halloween stuff to early! So I will be posting things that I found from Etsy, and pinterest. Lets start with something yummy...

BONES!!!!! This is really easy and fun to have the kids help you with too. All it is is pretzels, marshmallows and white melting chocolate. You take one pretzel put a marshmallow on each end and then dip it all into the white chocolate! Easy right!


Ashley S said…
Those are so cute! I might just have to make a batch for my son's Halloween party this year. Thanks for sharing :)
Love these!! You inspired me to schedule my halloween playdate party. Totally pinning to my halloween board.

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