Laptop Lunches

As you all know my now my daughter just started Kindergarten. She brings her lunch to school everyday so I needed to find a lunch box for my daughters lunches. Thankfully I found Laptop Lunches. Laptop lunches sells bento boxes, carriers, drink bottles, lunch jars, ice packs, napkins, and more.

I chose to get the Bento Lunch Box Purple Party.
Closed lunch box
Emarose loves bringing her lunches to school in this lunch box. The lunch box has 5 different containers inside a purple outer container. Inner containers come in magenta, lime, teal, orange, and aqua. You will receive all 5 colors but the configuration can vary.  Three of the inside containers have lids while 2 are left without lids. Also on the side is room to put a napkin or silverware.

Inside view of lunchbox
I love that this box makes it easy to contain her lunches. Since it is in a single unit, there is no jumbled mess. It will easily fit inside her back bag or a lunch bag.

The containers can accommodate a variety of food sizes and are removable. You can use whatever ones you want and mix and match with other bento containers. Since this has 5 containers, my daughter has to pack 5 different things in her lunch box. I find that my magenta and teal containers are the perfect size for sending in grapes, blueberries, applesauce, and yogurt. The aqua container is the one I've been using for a sandwich. It won't hold the sandwich when left uncut, but I have no problem fitting the sandwich in it when I just cut the sandwich in half. It is simple and my daughter loves eating her "doors".  The small orange one would be great for dips, peanut butter, or salsa. That said, my daughter hasn't packed anything yet that needs those. So we have used it for small teddy grahams, sunflower seeds, cashews, marshmallows or a couple of goldfish. The other container without a lid is perfect for any dry snack/food. I've sent in cereal, goldfish, graham crackers, etc.

The containers are also microwave safe (not the lids). This would be perfect for fixing a small snack for the kids. I'm always searching for a microwave safe yet kid friendly container that I can use. These are perfect!

Be sure to visit Laptop Lunches and tell me what you'd buy. Also like them on facebook and twitter. Then come enter the blogorama back to school giveaway for your chance to win a $25 gift certificate.


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