Maternity Monday 22 weeks

How your baby's growing: 22 weeks

At 11 inches (the length of a spaghetti squash) and almost 1 pound, your baby is starting to look like a miniature newborn. His lips, eyelids, and eyebrows are becoming more distinct, and he's even developing tiny tooth buds beneath his gums. His eyes have formed, but his irises (the colored part of the eye) still lack pigment. 

If you could see inside your womb, you'd be able to spot the fine hair (lanugo) that covers his body and the deep wrinkles on his skin, which he'll sport until he adds a padding of fat to fill them in. Inside his belly, his pancreas — essential for the production of some important hormones — is developing steadily



kay said…
I love see how the baby grows at every tage of pregnancy
Reading this makes me miss being pregnant! I started getting a real bump around 22 weeks and loved all the attention. Woohoo for being over the halfway mark!
Sella said…
i love this post very informative
Beki said…
i miss being preggo and the excitment of a new little one on the way congrats!!
jennafish said…
oh, this makes me want to be pregnant again. I loved the comparisons of fetus size to produce. evrytime I went to the market I would hold up that weeks produce to my belly!
Beth R said…
I miss being pregnant. You are half way there!! I love the comparison of different objects or produce. It really gives you a comparison to how big your baby is approximately.

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