Reading Kingdom

 Emarose is just starting kindergarten. She loves books but doesn't yet know how to read. I found a company called Reading Kingdom. Reading kingdom is a fun online program that teaches 4-10 year olds how to read and write to a third grade level.

This program teaches 6 skills that are needed for reading success. The skills include sequencing, motor skills, sounds, meaning, grammer, and comprehension. 

The programs starts with a skills survey to see what level your child is at. Then it starts the program based on your child's abilities. My daughter started the program with sequences and letter land.

In the sequences part of the program it has her matching the letters that she sees above to the same ones below. She has to place them in the same order as above. This helps her to work on reading left to write. In letter land it helps her find the letters on the keyboard to type them. This helps her recognize and match the letters.

When I first started the program with my daughter we tried having her use the on screen keyboard. This did not work very well with her. I discovered that she has a hard time working my mouse. The mouse I have has a sensitive track ball so it might not be the best for new computer users. The mouse caused her to have problems clicking on the correct letters even though she was able to find them.  Another issue that was caused due to the mouse was that the program wanted her to answer quicker than she could. I have since discovered a setting where I can change the response time. I feel that increasing the response time will allow my daughter the chance to practice the motor skills she needs to perform the tasks.

The program also has a tutorial to help younger kids who need practice with the mouse and keyboard. I feel that my daughter could benefit from this tutorial.

When I switched her to using my keyboard that helped. I have noticed that she does better, gets less frustrated, and is able to stay focused longer.

As a parent, I can  get a weekly reader report by email. This allows me to see what my child is working on and see the strengths/weaknesses.

I love knowing that my daughter is able to sit down and follow directions and learn to read. She enjoys sitting down to play this game on my computer. I love that she is learning.

Reading kingdom also has resources such as apps, activities, worksheets, learning tips and books available.

Sign up for a free 30 day trial. Also like them on facebook. Then come enter the Blogorama back to school event for your chance to win.


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