Say Please

How do you make lunches special for your kids? Say please has notes that you can use to make lunches extra special for your kids, spouse, etc.

I was sent Lunchbox Love for Kids, Vols. 33-40 set.  The set includes 8 volumes of cards.
Card Set
 Front/Back of Cards- even has blank card. 
Each volume contains 12 cards. 10 with different phrases and fun facts/jokes and 2 blanks. The blanks allow you to add a personal message. 1 volume with jokes, the other 7 volumes has fun facts. A total of 96 cards.

These cards are quick and easy to use. Just pick one out and pt it in a lunchbox, purse, diaper bag, wallet, backpack, etc. It will be a pleasant surprise for whoever finds them. 

My daughter doesn't know how to read yet. So I've mostly used it with my husband instead. He likes to read the fun facts. I've shared the messages with my daughter and she enjoys the phrases. Of course the jokes are also a hit. These cards are sure to be a hit with whoever you use them on.

I love knowing that these cards help my loved ones to know that I'm thinking about them. If I get busy, I can still put in a card to brighten there day. They are quick, convenient, and fun.  The blank cards are especially fun because you can put a personal message or inside joke on them. Unlike notes written on paper, these cards can be used over and over again. I love knowing that I'm not contributing to the landfill every time I send in a note with my husband or child.

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