Snack Taxi

My daughter started Kindergarten this year. I have a picky eater so school starting meant I'd be sending in school lunches. I wanted to find products I could use and reuse. I also wanted to get away from using a ton of plastic baggies. I found Snack Taxi.
Bite Me Snack Bag
I was sent a sandwich sack in bite me. This bag is generously sized to fit a sandwich, bagel, wrap or a hearty snack. Bag is approximately 7.5" W x 6" H. The bag closes with Velcro. This bag will easily fit a sandwich and keep it fresh until lunchtime.

I've also used this bag to take snacks such as teddy grahams, animal crackers, goldfish, etc. This bag is great for a generous snack portion. Perfect for sharing. My daughter, Emarose even shares with her brother when she has this sack. Sharing of snacks was not happening with regular plastic baggies. So this is an added  bonus with this one. (I'm not sure how long that will last...but hey if a cute bag helps her share than I'm all for it.) Or if you are looking for smaller snack sizes check out the snack bags that Snack Taxi offers.

My daughter loves the apple design. It is a cute and fun print. They also have many other great designs such as bikes, cupcakes, and guitars.

The snack taxi is easy to care for. You can either wash it in the washing machine and dry in the dryer. Or rinse with water and air dry. The choice is up to you. So far I've found that shaking out the crumbs, and a quick wipe down has worked great. I love that the inside of this bag is easy to clean and I love knowing that if need be I can just throw it in the washer.
Bag opened- shows what the inside color looks like.
While we still have plastic baggies (mainly because I only have 1 of these bags) my daughter would much rather use the Bite me sandwich sack. She has asked me many times if she could use her "new" bag.

The Snack Taxi sack is a wonderful product that helps eliminate the waste of 1000s of plastic bags. In my household alone I'm using 1 reusable bag instead of the 2 smaller plastic baggies we'd normally use for their snacks. I love knowing that this product is good for the environment.

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