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I'm a mom of 2 kids and a preschool teacher. I value education and I am constantly looking for ways to incorporate learning into my kid's daily routine. I found a wonderful company called Teach My

Teach My is a company that realizes that parents are important teachers in a child's life. When  the founder, Christy, couldn't find kits that had all the tools she needed to teach her child she decided to create one. Teach my has 3 different all in one kits including: Teach My Baby 6-18 months, Teach My Toddler 18 months-3 years, and Teach My Preschooler 3 years-6 years. You can also buy parts of the kits separately or a kit on the Solar System. They have both a USA and Canada version too which is perfect for those slight differences.
 Toddler Kit in Storage Case

I received a Teach My Toddler kit to use with my 2 year old. My 4 1/2 year old also enjoys using the kit. While she is past the age on this kit she still enjoys doing the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors. I find that this kit is perfect practice for both of my kids.

I love that this kit comes in a storage case. This makes it easy for me to pull out when it is time to work with the kit, and clean up is a breeze. Just place everything back into the appropriate section and your done. This helps eliminate pieces getting lost.
See how Storage case is neatly divided into sections
The kit has 4 sections: Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes and Colors. Each section contains a full size poster, a board book, foam puzzle and flashcards. The alphabet section includes 2 foam puzzles 1 uppercase, and 1 lowercase. A teaching guide is also included with the kit. I found the teaching guide is great for a starting point. From there, I have adjusted how I teach based on which of my children I'm working with. The older one I go into more complex tasks. For example I have her match the uppercase and lowercase foam letters. I have her look for particular letter sounds, etc.  With my 2 year old I focus more on matching skills. I have him take a foam puzzle piece (for example using the shapes section I might pick out the circle) and match it to the same piece on the poster. (shapes poster- circle).  I love that the books, posters, and puzzles all have the same pictures on them. This makes it super easy to match.
Alphabet Section of the kit

My only concern is that some of the letters on the alphabet section of the foam puzzles can be confused. If you aren't careful, you might be trying to put a b in the d or p spot. It might be easier for them if there was a way to tell front/back and up/down on these puzzles. This would help with the letters that look similar.

Another thing I love about Teach My is there customer service. I found them to be very quick in responding to questions. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and courteous. The product also shipped quickly.

Ovearall I'm very pleased with this kit and would love to try out the Teach My Preschooler kit with my daughter.

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