2 Chix shirt review and giveaway ends 10/1

I love maternity cloths, because I love to show off my belly! I got a wonderful chance to work with 2 Chix, they make a ton of fun and cute maternity cloths. Most of the time when I have done shopping for maternity cloths its been one size fits more or it makes you look fat not pregnant. Ok sure its baby fat but that does not mean you want to feel fat and in it.

I got a great chance to to a review on one of their t-shirts. When I first got it, I looked at it and thought, "great well this will not fit me, or if it does once I wash it it will no longer fit." But boy was I ever wrong. It as the MOST COMFORTABLE t-shirt I ever tried on. In fact I think I wear it more then I do any other shirt.  When I first put it on I had the UPS guy show up, and he looked at me, looked at the shirt, gave me a odd look, looked back at the shirt and then started to laugh. (sorry my picture is kind of small)

This shirt is the "Sex on the Beach" maternity t-shirt, it has a stick figure with a HUGE belly lol. 2 Chix makes a ton of funny maternity saying shirt like, "We're Hungry" "I <3 Pickles" "Yes, I'm Pregnant" and much more.

So if you are pregnant or know someone who is pregnant this would make a great and fun gift. Not just because they are cut and fun but they are also way comfortable. This "Sex on the Beach" shirt is sold for $38, or you could try to win one here. That's right 2 Chix has not only been nice enough to give me a shirt to review but also one for you to win.

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Beth R said…
I like what's kickin brown with blue

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