Brylane Home Halogen Oven

A few weeks ago I worked with Brylane Home and did a review on the Ashley bedding set.  I've been given the opportunity to work with Brylane Home again. This time I chose a Halogen Oven .

Halogen Ovens will change the way you cook. How does a halogen oven work? Well it produces a circle of hot moving air, that cooks the food all over evenly. The food maintains its natural flavor and full nutrition. You can use a halogen oven to bake, grill, bbq, broil, steam, fry, toast, and even defrost. Halogen ovens can lower cholesterol by decomposing the fat tissues in the foods. This oven also cuts down on cooking time and uses up to 20% less electricity compared to an ordinary oven.

The halogen oven is a new concept to us and at first it seemed a little daunting. It came with a Halogen oven manual which has a reference sheet for cooking times and temperatures. Since I had never used the oven I wasn't completely sure how to use it. I tried searching for recipes but didn't find many. I wish a recipe booklet would have been included.

My husband, Jason, decided to try it without any recipes. The first item he tried cooking was a boneless rib-eye steak. On the cooking reference sheet steak wasn't an option. He ended up starting with the BBQ Spareribs temperature choice of 428-464 degrees F. He adjusted the cook time and ended up cooking it for about 20 min. The steak came out about medium. He cooked it without any seasoning and the steak had excellent steak flavor and was nice and juicy. 
Steak cooking in oven
Finished steak
Next Jason cooked 3 pork chops using the pork chop setting and the small rack that was included. He didn't season it or anything.
Pork Chops cooking
Finished Pork Chops
On both meats Jason said that the fat seamed to melt right off. He also said that both of the meats came out nice and juicy.

He was surprised at how quickly the food seemed to cook. 

The oven has a bright Halogen light that heats up quick, 2 shelves for cooking, and includes a timer and temperature controls. It also has a safety switch to stop you from removing the oven lid while the oven is turned on.

I love that the Oven is multifunctional and cuts cooking time down. I also love that I can defrost in this oven. This is especially great as I never seem to remember to pull meat out to defrost. Also great is the fact that this oven is self cleaning. I love that I don't have to put forth much effort to get this product clean.

I love this oven. I will definitely be cooking quite a variety of foods in this oven.

Please make sure to visit Brylane Home and let me know what products you like. If you have any Halogen oven recipes please share. Be sure to follow them on facebook and twitter to stay up to date with their products and promotions. 


Renee Hughes said…
I just got mine today. I'm a big fan of NuWave Pro but needed this one because I wanted it for cooking healthier foods at higher temperatures than the NuWave will go. Like you, I wish there had been a recipe book included. Hopefully, someone will start a website with recipes. Thanks for your cooking comments as that gave me a better understanding of how to use this.
Rebekah said…
Mine just came today! I found this blog by searching what one of the pieces is... I can't figure it out. I have the oven, the piece it sits on, two racks for food to sit on, and another piece that has plastic in the middle where it folds. I don't know what that's for. Nothing in the book says what the pieces are, so I'm at a loss.

Do you know what that piece is??

By the way, I have found lots of sites that have recipes. Most are outside the US, so there's a bit of conversion from grams, liters, etc, but nothing Google can't help with!

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