Dermagist review and giveaway ends 9/20

Hey all, so as most of you might know I am very skeptical about trying new face washes. This is because I have very (and I mean VERY) sensitive skin. Most of the time when I get face washes they burn, peel, or even make me break out more. So I have gone though a ton of different stuff. So when I find one that does not burn, turn my face red, make me peel or any of that horrible stuff I'm all over it. So when Dermagist first emailed me I was kinda scared. But I am always up to trying this at least once. So I picked their Detoxifying Cleanser with resveratrol for acne-prone skin because I always have break out (and lets face it once I got pregnant I really started to get break outs again).

But I think what scarred me even more then trying this was.... taking a picture of my face with no make up on! But I decided the best way for you guys to know if it really works is to show you.

So here are my two before photos, they are not bad but I do have some break outs.

When I first started to use this Detoxifying cleanser the first thing I noticed was there was no really strong chemical smell. Sure there is still some, lets face it you can't get that good clean without it. But there was so little that when you rinsed your face the smell left too. Then I waited a few minuets to put on my lotion to see how red my face would get.... and no redness!!! No burning, no peeling and no redness. I was starting to like this already. But the big question was still to come.... will it work?

Well here are the two picture I took this morning, again with no makeup on.

You can tell that the acne has gone down, as well as some of the redness. Dermagist makes a whole line of  ultimate clarifying system to really help out. But don't worry if you don't have acne but your looking for an anti aging and wrinkle, or just something for daily maintenance you might want to head over to Dermagist and see what they have that can help you.

Or better why while you are there check them out keep an eye our for what you want because they have offered to host a giveaway!!! Winners choice! (one product)

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Michele P. said…
I would love the original wrinkle smoothing cream!
cjabdelnour said…
I would like the Phenomenon Dermal Filler. Cheryl
helpful heather said…
Acne Scar Fading System
I would pick the Complete Rejuvenation System
jamie tucker said…

this looks awesome to help me out with my skin issues

tuckersaver at hotmail dot com
Debra Guillen said…
I would pick the Eye Revolution Gel Debra L. Guillen

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