FREE Baby Sling from Seven Slings- Limited Time!!

For a limited time only, Seven Slings is offering our readers a FREE Baby Sling, valued at over $40. When you click the image below to head to their site, click 'Shop Now' to find the baby carrier you want (make sure to head to their sizing page to get the size right for you), and after adding it to your shopping bag, enter in promo code "BABYSAVINGS", which will take off 100% of the price of the baby sling. All the customer pays for is shipping and handling! Amazing deal, and these baby slings are gorgeous!!

Not sure how long this deal will last, so make sure you take advantage of it now! Click the image below to head to their site and get your baby sling. Offer CAN be used more than once (think baby shower gifts!!), just open a new browser window to place another order.

A HUGE thanks to our friends at Seven Slings for sharing this amazing deal with us to pass onto our readers!


Anonymous said…
wow! what a great offer. I used baby slings happily with my 8 babies...
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
Besides a communion dress, this sling might also be a great baby shower gift. Thanks for the heads up!
Anonymous said…
Baby slings are perfect for places that are crowded like malls and parks. With these baby slings, moms will never be tired of carrying their babies.

Elmer Korman
Peter Clarke said…
I can say that the baby slings can be an important means of carrying the baby. Since it responds to the love of contact between the mother and the child it is really a good thing to see for. Seven slings have been a good service provider. I have been to the blog at late, but thanks for the baby items
Mary Jose said…
This is really a great offer. I missed it. When will be the offer in 2013?
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