Guest post: Parenting styles differ with individuals

Parenting styles differ with individuals
One of the biggest challenges before any married couple is co-parenting, especially when parenting style of each parent is different or worse to each other. In fact, this is among the most common issues which psychologists and counselors deal in various marriage counseling sessions. It is among the most complicated problems as it involves partner’s experiences and values which are related to their own upbringing, and the problems with their parents’ parenting styles. Children need proper parenting strategies in the daily chores which helps them in their proper development. Though the parenting styles could differ with individuals, yet a number of research and studies have suggested a proper way out for these problems.

The way people develop their parenting style
A majority of parents come with some parenting style in-built, even though they may not realize this. As you grow up, you get the first hand experience of parenting styles adopted by both of your parents. In case for single parent, you would have the experience from any of the parent you lived with. The earlier stage of childhood is malleable phase of development wherein you have great impact of the parenting style adopted by your parents (or single parent). When you start experiencing it early in your childhood you are bound to have them in your subconscious level. Hence when you become parents, this embedded style in your psyche acts as a blueprint for your parenting style. You simply move ahead with this parenting style with your children experienced in your childhood days by your parents.
The impact of parenting styles
There are basically four prevalent parenting styles evident in a vast majority of parents in this world. This includes authoritarian parenting, authoritative parenting, permissive parenting, and uninvolved Parenting style. In the first style, kids are supposed to follow stringent rules set by parents. It is similar to the first, wherein the parents with authoritative mindset form rules and guidelines for their kids to follow. The third type parents are very less demanding, whereas the last one seen with less demands, communication, and response. All these four styles have their own impact over the child’s development.
In the authoritarian parenting styles make kids more obedient and proficient, however, they are seen lagging in terms of happiness, self esteem and social competence. The authoritative parenting styles simply make children happy, competent and successful. The permissive parenting generally makes kids rank less in happiness and in their self regulation. The kids with these parenting styles often face issues with the authority and come out with poor performance in their schools. The last one is among the worst styles of parenting in terms of results, where kids are ranked the lowest in different domains of their life. Here kids simply lack self control and are seen with low self esteem and competence as compared to their peers.
Reasons why parenting styles differ
Each parenting style has its own way to make kids happy, confident and competent style. There are many reasons why parenting style vary from one to the other. A couple of potential causes of such differences include, culture, creed, family size, personality, parental background, educational level, socioeconomic status and religion. All these factors are behind building different parenting styles.
Different parenting styles among parents could be a big challenge while upbringing your kids. In order to have a cohesive approach to parenting, it is imperative that you learn to cooperate with each other while you blend different elements for your unique way of parenting styles.
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