Katie is back in

Hey all, so I am back from my trip to AZ. We had a lot of fun and I am so glad that Aiden slept on the airplane on the way over. We had fun hanging out with family and friends at the baby shower. But I do have to say Aiden has learned a lot about cause and effect. He has been kind of a brat the last few weeks. Well lets face it he is almost 2, I am sure a lot of you other moms know how that is. Well he was mad about something, so he hit the rocking glider and it rocked back at him. So of course it hit him in the face/mouth and so he got his gum cut a little. It bleed really had at first but he was fine. Poor baby. Then the night before we went home he got into the kitchen. Well I guess he wanted to look at the cans and one fell on his toe. His "big" toe swelled up so bad and it even chipped the nail a little.
(could not get a good pic cause he was moving)

Because of his factor 5 we decided to take him to the ER (that and we wanted to make sure it was not broken). They ended up burning a hole into his nail so some of the pressure would come down. Then they took him for an X-ray. I was so glad to have April there to take him back. (I would not take him because I'm pregnant) Luckily he had no broken bones so we when home a few hours later.

Needless to say it was midnight by the time we got home. Then and we had to be up and out of the house before 8am to get on the airport But we where able to get on the airplane first because my poor little boy could not walk very well. And of course he did not sleep on the plane this time! He did ok at first, he played with the Ipad and colored. But when we where about about 20 from landing he wanted down so he could run around. So after him crying (no throwinig a huge fit) for a few mins he fell asleep.

When we got off the airplane and got our bags he was SOOOOO happy to see his daddy.


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