Looking for good educational books for kids?

Aiden loves book and I mean LOVES books. While he cant read them he does grab them, sit there and starts to talk like hes reading himself the book. So anytime I can get him new book I jump all over it. If you have not heard of AZ Books LLC you need to. AZ books has books that are educational, and fun for kids. Now that Aiden is really trying to talk we have been trying really hard to not only teach him his ABC but also his colors. Which is why I just love this color book.

Each page is outlined with a color and a picture. Like here you can see the green frog and yellow chick. He can then pull out the pictures and see the color. It really blows my mind as to how much you are really teaching them just on this page alone. Thank about it, colors, animals and matching. He loves to pull each picture out (and not all of them are animals some are foods too) try to say what it is and then once hes pulled everyone out of the book he tries to put them back. Most of the time he gets it wrong but at least he is trying. This Color book is great for any age because the pages and pull outs are soft. So if it happens to find your child's mouth its not the end of the world.

The other great book that I got is more for older kids, its called "About Plant Earth". While it has things that smaller kids may not understand yet it is also a noise book so they can push buttons and listen and learn. Aiden loves this book because it talks to him, and it will grow with him. In this book you learn all about space, the weather, where different animals live and so much more. I did not know how to really tell you how much fun it is and how to enplane what they say so I recorded Aiden playing with it.

Keep in mind that Christmas is only a few months away and this would make a great gift for you kid. I want to say thank you to AZ Book for not only offering me the book but also for making fun and educational books! 


Jessica McCoy said…
New follower here from Mom Bloggers Club. Love for you to link up all your giveaways at: http://www.athometake2.com/p/giveaway-central.html, just make sure to include an expiration date so I can update the list as they expire. My readers would love to enter your giveaways.

Jessica @ At Home Take 2
Anonymous said…
Oh my son would love these books - I think he would sit around reading or listening to me read him books. Thanks for the suggestion - I will DEFFINITLY be checking these out for Christmas gifts for him.
mglawler said…
These are awesome books!
Alaina Bullock said…
These books are so cute! Thanks for telling us about them!
jennifer zuna said…
My little one would love these!
Holli said…
my son -loves- reading too!! these would be so great to add to his library

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