Anissa's Fun Patches

When I found out my daughter had to wear patches all day long every day, I started to look for some fun patches. I was thankful to find Anissa's fun patches.

These were the first non-adhesive patches that my daughter tried. She received 2 patches- a rainbow, and a pink one. She immediately had me take off her adhesive eye patch so she could try on her new ones. She chose to try the pink one first.
Emarose happy with her pink patch

Loving the Rainbow patch

 The patches are simple to use and attach to my daughters eyeglasses. I simply slide the small round part (A) through the ear piece. Next you carefully insert slit (B) onto the nose piece beginning at the narrow part and slowly working up and around until the patch is touching the frame. Finally you adjust the ear piece so that the patch fits against the face.

I love that when I use these patches my daughter isn't crying that it hurts, or constantly asking if she can take it off yet. Plus I don't have to struggle with her to get the patch put on.  She loves choosing between the rainbow and pink patch. Many times she will even match her patch to the outfit she is wearing.

Patching requires the eye to be completely covered so that it forces the other eye to work. So if you can peek around the patch then it won't work as well. However, when the ear piece is adjusted properly  Emarose can't see around this patch. The only way she can "Cheat" is if she moves her glasses up or down to see around the patch.  At first, Emarose did move her glasses a few times to where she could see around the patch. Honestly, I don't blame her. Who would want to cover up their good seeing eye all day long? Especially if your other eye can't see that well. I know I wouldn't want to do it.  That said, she just needed a gentle reminder to fix her glasses and then Emarose puts them on correctly. She knows that if she can't wear the cute patches properly then she'll have to go back to the adhesive kind. She doesn't want to do that, so is pretty good about wearing these correctly.

We've been using Anissa's fun patches for a little over a month. I no longer have to remind my daughter about leaving her glasses on the right way. She has gone to Kindergarten, Girl Scouts,  Grocery store, Grandma's, Dance, etc. in these patches. She hasn't once complained about having to wear them in public.  She has gotten several comments on how pretty and fun her patches are.

These patches are made out of 2mm thick foam and sell for $5.25 each. You also will receive a free patch of their choosing if you order 4 or more.  Patches come in a variety of bright and pastel colors. Plus animal prints.You can even get a plain white one if you wish to decorate it yourself.  For a little more money you can get ones covered in cloth. These cost $7.00 each and include a wide selection including camoflauge, fall/christmas designs, dots, bugs, fish, valentines, hearts, springtime, and much much more. Plenty for boys and girls to choose from.

The patches should last you for a least a month if not more. This will be a savings from the adhesive kind. I would recommend not allowing your child to take the patches on/off. Putting them over the nose piece requires you to be careful. My daughter (Almost 5) wants to take it off herself but just isn't careful. She tore the Rainbow one within a week of receiving it. I received a replacement and have since tried to make sure my daughter knows to only have an adult put on/off her patch. If your patch does tear by the nose piece like mine did, you could easily trim it and cut a new slit. This would extend the life of your patch a bit.

Another thing I love about these patches is that you can use them on either eye. Also, the majority of the patches are for eye glasses with a separate nose piece. However, they do have a selection of patches for those with plastic eye glasses.

In addition to the eye patches I received an activity workbook that has a variety of activites. Includes a patch maze, coloring sheets with animals wearing eye patch, color matching, and a word search. Most importantly it includes a chart and stickers to track your patching. My daughter loved the chart and wanted to start using it right away. I love that this motivates her and makes her happier about having to patch.

Plus if you want they will send out a Christmas card to your child with a surprise patch in it at Christmas time. I know most kids love mail so this will be a fun surprise for them to get. 

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bxcrochet said…
She is so cute! And they look like they are so easy to put on.

knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com
desitheblonde said…
i wore patch because i was lazy eye for all most 3 year in school and then i started wearing glasses at i year old they were the black patch
Anonymous said…
This is a pretty fun way to help children with eye development problems.

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